Class point breakdown for grades (250 points possible)

Participation: 30 pts exercises, assessments, peer editing, evaluations by groupmates
Short papers: 90 pts three papers worth 30 pts each
Midterms: 70 pts two midterms worth 35 pts each
Group project: 60 pts scores may differ across members

If optional final is completed, the score (35 pts total) will replace the lower of your two midterm scores, but only if this will improve your total exam score. Thus you can't harm your grade by taking the final. The final will be cumulative, and will be an individual effort (no group portion).

How total points earned translate into course grades:

A+ 245-250 C 175-184
A 225-244 C- 168-174
A- 218-224 D+ 160-167
B+ 210-217 D 150-159
B 200-209
B- 193-199 N /F 0-167
C+ 185-192 P 168-250

* Cheating, if detected, will earn a failing grade in the course. Cheating includes plagiarism and copying from others during the individual portion of exams. Don't do it.