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13 points total. Your grade on this quiz will replace your lowest quiz score for Quizzes 1-4 if it is higher than that score.

Rules: Because you won't have your group to help you, this quiz is "open book, open notes," like the Midterm Damage Repair. Please write clearly and explain your answer fully. As with the Damage Repair, please sign below to show you agree to abide by the honor code.

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ONE-POINT questions (5 points total)

1. F values and chi-square values are always positive. Why?


2. When you calculate a correlation it's always good to look at a scatterplot and identify any outriders (outliers). Why?


3. The main difference between a t-test for independent means and a one-way ANOVA is in the number of


4. When your test statistic falls in the critical region, you reject the null because


5. When doing an independent means t-test, you lose 2 degrees of freedom (df = N-2) because


TWO-POINT questions (8 points)

6. Explain how many independent variables, and levels of those variables, a 2 x 2 x 3 factorial ANOVA has:


7. If you have categorical data, with people classified on one variable, you will be doing a __________________________ test. If you have people classified on TWO different variables, you can test for a relationship between the two variables using a _______________________________ test.

8. If your F value is close to 1, the variance between _____________and the variance within _____________are about the same. Your decision about the null would be ___________.

9. If you have a t-test with a significance level of .05, what is the probability of a type I error (rejecting the null hypothesis when it is actually correct)? ________ What is the probability with an alpha of .01? ________