Statistical Methods


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There's lots of material on the web which can help you in this class... and we've linked to some of it below. Let Holly know if you find more cool sites and she'll make links to them.

Descriptive Statistics A basic descriptive statistics review (mean, median, mode etc.) with examples & pictures.

Statistics Teaching Module An internet teaching module for a short review of descriptive stats (mainly central tendency measures).

A glossary of statistics terms, with links to other related terms. Going back and forth between linked terms should help you elaborate your mental map of how the various concepts are related.

StatSoft on-line text has a nice review of elementary concepts.

Statistical Calculations. This page links to programs on the web that will do statistics for you. So if you want to run a correlation but don't want to come in and work on SPSS... or do it by hand with a calculator.. try this page.

**Finding the area under the curve... useful for Homework #4! and here's another link for area under normal curves from a professor at Southwest Missouri State University. You can also see the lovely equation that defines the normal curve...and be grateful I'm not asking you to memorize it!

Statsboard. A place to ask and answer questions on the web (like Motet but open to the whole world). Haven't tried it myself.

Other statistics links on a page by Clay Helberg.

University of Oregon Psychology Department

University of Oregon Homepage

Prof. Holly Arrow's Homepage

Yahoo (A web search engine and index)