Know for Quiz #2 on G&W chapters 5-8:

Ch. 5:

1. Know the formulas for calculating z from x, and vice versa (x from z).

2. Know what happens to a distribution when you transform all the x scores into z-scores.

Chs. 6 & 7:

1. Know the approximate percentage of area under the curve for a normal curve for the areas shown in Figure 6.4 on p. 139 (round to whole numbers).

2. Know the two routes to the normal distribution.

3. Know the Central Limit Theorem.

4. Be able to use the central limit theorem to calculate the standard error, and to know the approximate shape of a sampling distribution given n and the shape of the distribution of x scores.

Ch. 8:

1. Know the steps for hypothesis testing (0-4).

2. Know what Type I and Type II errors are.

3. Know what alpha is.

4. Know why we focus on the null hypothesis.