Short reaction papers:

Each student will complete two short reaction papers (2-3 pages double-spaced). Each will focus on the articles (focus and supplementary) for one week. Discuss how the articles are different, and also what connections you see between them. You may find it useful to use concepts and frameworks from the text and lecture (the four perspectives, for example, or the ABC triad, or more specific models presented in the chapter for the week) to organize your thinking. Identify a primary strength of each reading and a weakness. Please write in complete, grammatical sentences. A draft of the paper is due in class Thursday for the focal week; the final version is due the following Tuesday.

You should also be prepared to explain the main points of the supplementary article to your groupmates on Thursday. They will (probably) have skimmed it quickly, but will not have read it carefully, in depth, or more than once. They will, of course, have read the primary article carefully, and covered it in discussion during the lab period the previous day.

Schedule for Short papers, groups 1,2,3:

Week 3: Personality

Group 1. [Holly as guest expert]
Group 2. Jenny
Group 3. Anna

Week 4: Cognitive Development

Group 1/3. Jesi
Group 2. Paula

Week 5: Social Development

Group 1/3 Jenn, Anna
Group 2. Bridget

Week 6: Psychological Disorders

Group 1/3 Marla
Group 2. William

Week 7: Treatment of Disorders

Group 1/3 Jesi
Group 2. Paula

Week 8: Attitudes/SocialCognition

Group 1/3. Marla
Group 2. William, Bridget

Week 9: Interpersonal Processes

Group 1/3. Jenn
Group 2. Jenny

Reaction Papers will be graded on a 1-10 scale, for each of the following categories:

A. Understanding of articles. Looking for close, careful, thoughtful, accurate reading.

B. Analysis of articles--connections & differences, strengths & weaknesses. Looking for critical thinking and insights.

C. Clarity of written expression. Looking for clear, grammatical writing, carefully organized and sequenced paragraphs, appropriate word choice and clear communication of your points.

A,B,C are each graded on 1-10, and then the scores are averaged for the overall grade (1-10).