Fall 1999, Wednesday 14:00-14:50, 111 Gilbert

Professor: Holly Arrow 357 Straub, 346-1996,

Office hours: M 11-12, F 8:45-9:45 & by appt. MWF

Course Description: This class is designed to help transfer students majoring in psychology to make a successful transition to the University of Oregon. Undergraduate life provides opportunities for you to grow intellectually, emotionally, spiritually, and socially, while developing skills and knowledge that will help you achieve your personal goals for college and beyond. This is not easy, and it helps to have a plan. This class will help you develop a plan for completing your degree and preparing yourself for whatever you what to do after you graduate. We will address issues such as study skills, academic planning, time management, campus resources, and developing social capital.

Course Objectives:

1. To learn about academic opportunities, requirements and expectations, both for the psychology major and for the university.

2. To learn about resources for academic and social support on campus

3. To develop goal setting and planning skills

4. To create an academic plan for completing the psychology major and your B.A. or B.S.


The Green Book (provided) and handouts.


Pass/No Pass only. To pass the class, come to all classes and complete all assigned work.

Attendance and Participation: If you are unable to attend class due to illness or family emergency, let me know as soon as you realize you will need to miss class. If you skip a class without an approved reason, you can make it up with an extra assignment.

Assignments: Since completed assignments are the basis for class discussion, please get these done on time and bring to class. Thanks.

Weekly Motet Posting

I have set up a Motet site for TRIG members. Please post an entry every week, by Friday noon.

Your post should discuss (1) progress you have made toward reaching your goals or (2) problems you are having with planning, time management, or executing your plan, and an analysis of how you might deal with these problems or (3) both. The Motet site is TRIG-ArrowF99.

Class Schedule

Week 1: September 29

Introductions and First steps for planning

Week 2: October 6

Building social capital: getting connected. Bring in weekly schedule plan.

Week 3: October 13

Academic skills: Taking notes, taking tests, studying, test-taking.

Bring in scores from Thinking Styles exercise, and lecture notes from Week 2, PSY 375.

Week 4: October 20

Managing time, managing stress. Bring activity diary for week 3 & first part of week 4.

Week 5: October 27

Career planning: Bring in a list of career interests.

Week 6: November 3

Practica, Research, Interships, Peer Advising: Work sampling and experience

Week 7: November 10

Planning for graduation and for next term

Week 8: November 17

University resources: Financial, academic, personal

Week 9: November 24

NO CLASS: Complete library exercise this week and send me the results via e-mail.

Week 10: December 1

Looking back, looking forward: Evaluating this term, adjustments for next term.