Fall 2001, Wednesday 14:00-14:50, Straub 143, crn 15777

Professor: Holly Arrow 357 Straub, 346-1996,

Office hours: Mon & Thurs 11-12, by appt. MWF

TA: Aaron Schartman,

TRIG courses: Psych 375, Development, MWF 9 am

Psych 302, Statistical Methods, MWF 10, plus Monday lab, 1:30-2:50 pm

Course Description: This class is designed to help transfer students majoring in psychology to make a successful transition to the University of Oregon. Unlike students who enter as frosh, transfer students need to "hit the ground running." As they get oriented and adjust to a new university, they also face the academic challenges of upper level classes. To complete their degrees and prepare for a subsequent career or graduate school, they need to meet college and major requirements, while also developing extra skills and knowledge through programs such as internships, practica, research assistantships, and honors projects. At this stage in your education, it's important to set personal goals for what you will be doing after graduation, so that you can tailor your education to prepare for these goals. It helps to have a plan. This class will inform you about campus resources and help you develop a plan for the next two years. We will address issues such as study skills, cognitive style, academic and career planning, and time and stress management.

Course Objectives:

1. To learn about academic opportunities, requirements and expectations, both for the psychology major and for the university.

2. To learn about resources for academic and social support on campus

3. To develop goal setting and planning skills

4. To create an academic plan for completing the psychology major and your B.A. or B.S.


Student Handbook and a planning calendar (Mortar Board available at UO bookstore)

Graduation Requirements Worksheet and other handouts will be provided.


Graded or Pass/No Pass. I recommend that all students change to P/NP option. To pass the class, come to at least 7 of the 9 classes and turn in all assigned work.

Attendance and Participation: If you are unable to attend class, please let me know in advance if possible (send e-mail, leave phone message, or ask a classmate to tell me in class).

Assignments: Since completed assignments are the basis for class discussion, please get these done on time and bring to class. All assignments are designed to help you get more out of the class and your college education. If the point of any assignments isn't clear, speak up and I'll explain further. Thanks.

Class Schedule

Week 1: September 26. Introductions, overview, first steps

Common simple problem: Gladstone & E-mail

Assignments for the week: 1. Post a message on the TRIG group discussion board inside the 302 Blackboard site. 2. Campus exploration. Go to Academic Learning Center (PLC), Counseling Center, Career Center (Hendricks), and Info Technology Center (ITC, Knight Library), and pick up a flyer or brochure at the first three. 3. Change from graded to P/NP for this class.

Week 2: October 3 Academic skills: learning style note-taking, studying

Bring to class: Your lecture notes for PSY 302 & 375 so far.

Info you picked up on your campus exploration.

Common simple resources: Coffee, computers, and copying. CS Problem: missed class.

Week 3: October 10 Library session: **Meet at ITC, Knight library 2d floor**

Assignment for this week: Keep an activity diary of how you spend your time Mon-Sun.

Week 4: October 17 Managing time, managing stress.

In class: Relaxation and writing exercises

Bring to class: Your activity diary from last week, plus a draft weekly schedule plan.

Common simple resource: Free or really cheap stuff

Week 5: October 24 Career planning **Meet at Career Center, 220 Hendricks**

Assignment: Bring a list of career interests.

Common simple problem: Balancing school and work

Week 6: October 31 Practica, Research, Internships, Peer Advising

Assignment: Bring in completed Graduation Requirements Worksheet.

Common simple problem: Paperwork for Practica & Internships

Week 7: November 7 Planning for graduation and for next term.

In-class: Writing exercise.

Assignment: Find out who your advisor is, office hours and location, and go by to say "hi."

Common simple problems: Class you want is full. Pass/No-Pass issues

Week 8: November 14 Planning continued

Assignment: Revised Graduation Requirements Worksheet.

Common simple problem: Personal crisis

NOTE: Registration for winter term begins this week

Week 9: November 21 NO CLASS: Happy Thankgiving!

Assignment: Complete career investigation exercise this week and post a report on Blackboard.

Week 10: November 28 Looking back, looking forward.

In-class: Writing exercise.

Assignment: End game plan for finals week, three goals for next term

Common simple problem: Surviving finals