Peter B Gilkey email: 2 July 2021.

Gilkey received his BS and MA from Yale University in spring 1967 and received his Ph. D. from Harvard University in spring 1972. His thesis advisor was L. Nirenberg of New York University. He began teaching in fall 1971 at N.Y.U. His date of hire at the University of Oregon was 1 July 1981 and he retired from the University of Oregon 30 June 2021 after 40 years service at the UO and after 50 years teaching. He is currently Professor Emeritus at the UO and a senior scientist at the Krill Institute of Technology. He received a Faculty Excellence Award from the UO (1986), the Westling Leadership Award from the UO (2002), was appointed a Fellow of the American Mathematical Society (2013), and was awarded the Order of the Puffin (2021). He has published a number of Research Papers and Expository Articles and has many Co-authors. Some additional links Humor, KIT Colleagues, Family. Gilkey and his colleague Ekaterina Puffini (who is the smarter of the two) are pictured below.

To rest on the blue of the day, like an eagle rests on the wind, over the cold range, confident on its wings and its breadth.