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Master of Music in Intermedia Music Technology

General Description

The Master of Music in Intermedia Music Technology is directed toward students who wish to pursue creative careers in music technology and who wish to pursue work in association with other artistic disciplines. The curriculum hinges on the balance between the development of artistic and creative skills and the mastery of the technical aspects of the discipline. Courses emphasize music composition, performance and real-time interactive media environments in collaboration with artists outside of music. Three examinations are affiliated with the degree to assure technical mastery. The program is not oriented toward the vocational training of recording engineers, or related technicians. Because the degree program is directed toward creation, experimentation and collaboration we have devised an application procedure that requires that you demonstrate a certain level of achievement in these areas.

Prerequisites: Applicants must hold (or be about to receive) a minimum of a bachelor's degree comparable to the Bachelor of Science, Music Technology Option granted by the University of Oregon. Applicants with degrees in areas other than music technology may be admitted provided that they show evidence of substantial work in music technology.

Application Process

Applicants for the Master of Music in Intermedia Music Technology degree must submit the following materials in addition to the general School of Music application requirements:

  1. Audio recordings of recent compositions (at least 3), one of which may be in a film or video format. Audio recordings should be in aiff, wav, or CD formats; video recording should be in QuickTime, AVI or DVD-Video formats. Evidence of work in collaborative contexts enhances the application.
  2. Statement that describes a) your experience with electronic and computer music instruments, audio recording and/or other related software equipment, b) your experience working in other artistic disciplines and in collaborative projects, and c) your reason for wanting to enroll in this degree program. This statement is in addition to the one requested for general admission.
  3. Summary of all creative, professional and academic work related to the IMT degree.
  4. List of all software and hardware with which you have worked indicating level of expertise.


Music courses:

Two music electives chosen from:

Courses chosen from the following related areas:

Degree Total = 55

Prerequisites: CIS, 110, 111, 122, 115, PHYS 152, DAN 256, MUSIC 447, MUS 448

There will be three additional examinations associated with the degree. Brief descriptions of each follow.