Eric Pederson's Diplomacy House Rules

All rules follow the EP House Rules unless there is a conflict with the rules stated below, in which case these rules take priority.

Please note that thus far, I am only GM'ing Global Diplomacy and this is off-judge. Greater patience among GM and all players is necessary.


All press should begin the subject line with the name of the specific game (for filtering purposes). E.g. "GD99: ..."

No fake press. Ever.

No anonymous press may be sent except via the GM. If you wish to send broadcast or partial anonymous press, you must send it to the GM who will eventually forward it according to your clear instructions at the head of the letter. There is no guarantee of timeliness. The GM reserves the right to not send the press owing to its content. In such case, it will be returned to the original sender with instructions to change it for acceptability. This rule may repeat only twice for a given message. Afterwards, no anonymous press from that player during that season (not turn).

Partial press and broadcast press are to be sent directly to the recipients. All players will have the true email addresses of all other players. CC's to the GM are appreciated during play-testing.

Civility is expected of all players. This is Diplomacy, not screaming mobs gathered outside of the embassy...


Unless otherwise stated, movement orders are set to a 72 hour deadline. All other orders ar 48 hours. Deadlines are always calculated M-F only.

Grace period is 24 hours. Afterwards, the country is either considered abandoned (a new player will be sought), or an "all units hold" order will be issued for the country, at the discretion of the GM. Only one grace period per player per game year (note that a game year in Global Diplomacy is the equivalent of 2 game years of the standard game).

Any deadline may be extended if the request is issued (with some justification) prior to the issuance of that deadline (i.e. the results of the last turn sent out). Just tell me that you are expecting to be gone until e.g., the end of next week and I'll adjust accordingly. Diplomacy periods are always open after results of the previous turn have been sent out. During holiday periods, the results will not be sent out until the play is expected to resume.

Deadlines may only be exceptionally extended after the issuance of the deadline, at the dicretion of the GM.

Adjudication of orders is done by hand. I generally set deadlines such that I can send results immediately. This is not guaranteed.


Discouraged, but accepted by unanomous vote of all surviving players. DIAS, unless all players agree to special conditions of the draw.

Note that the rules of Global Diplomacy state that if enough SCs are destroyed such that victory is literally impossible, the game ends in loss for all players. This is not to be considered the equivalent of a draw.


Player errors in orders, if spotted prior to the deadline will be pointed out. If revised orders are received prior to the deadline, they will process. Otherwise, I will intrepret the orders as best as I can.

GMing errors will be corrected in the manner I best see fit. If a player spots an error, he/she should immediately point it out to me even if the error is in that player's favor.


I generally provide a map on the game's website to help with planning, etc. The veracity of this map is not guaranteed -- the results file is the official guide to unit positions, etc. Similarly, loss of web access is not considered a reason to suspend play.

Updates are not guaranteed to accompany the release of results (although I have a good track record). For reasons of disk space, mid-season maps will not be maintained (e.g. a previous seasons map after movement but before retreats will become unavailable after the retreat order has processed).

Questions about the rules

There are always some. Ask about them before they become relevant. All players are responsible for a complete understanding of the rules. I'll do my best, but I cannot know whether or not you understand. Orders issued are final even in the event of misunderstanding.

To the extent that I judge your question to not reveal your immediate strategy, I may broadcast the question with my response.


If you have ever played in one of my games and have resigned or gone abandoned, I reserve the right to exclude you from further games. In fact, you can probably count on it unless you give at least a full season's prior notification and co-operate with the incoming player whenever he/she is found.


I ask that you save all press received and sent. I reserve the right to request it for post-game analysis purposes. I would not share this press with any other players without permission of both the original sender and recipient.

You should submit an EOG statement and be willing for it to be posted at my website.

You will be asked to respond to a questionairre mostly concerning the design of the variant.

While publically accessible, I assert copyright on all versions of this 6-player Global Diplomacy variant. At this point in time, I request that copies not be distributed without my prior permission. At such time as I declare the design completed, I anticipate that the game can be generally released.


If I have omitted anything from these rules, I'll impose my will arbitraily with respect to rule questions involving single players. Rule questions involving multiple players will be put to a vote among all surviving players. The GM shall pre-determine whether a majority or unanimity is required by the vote.

Otherwise, enjoy! Eric Pederson

Last updated: 05-Apr-99