Because we envision this as an open-ended project, this application is for the initial and labor intensive establishment of the Interactive Linguistics Databases.

We envision the majority of the set-up work to be conducted during Summer 1999 and the following two terms.

However on a project of this scale which relies on faculty contributions, we anticipate that there will be extensive elaboration and modification in the second year of the project. Accordingly, we request the budget be primarily for the AY 1999-2000 (starting Summer 1999), with a smaller budget for 2000-2001 (starting Summer 2000).

After the second year of the project, the department will provide financial support for maintanance and expansion of the materials in subsequent years. (See the letter of support from the Chair.)

Academic year 1999-2000

Faculty summer salary (Summer 1999), one month each






Student assistants


Data entry, 300 hours @ $8


Digitizing audio/video materials, 70 hours @ $8




Dedicated browser with appropriate sound, video, special font capacities, fast enthernet, for student access


Additional high-speed harddisk for departmental server


Notebook computer with LCD panel for overhead projection display (for classroom demonstrations)


Software and programming


Database programming, 100 hours @ $15/hour


Database program

ca. $200

Server programming, 50 hours @ $15/hour


IPA CD license, Unnegotiated. Estimated at


Subtotal 1999-2000:



Academic Year 2000-2001

Faculty summer salary (Summer 2000), One month salary:




Student assistants


Data entry, 200 hours @ $8


Digitizing audio/video materials, 50 hours @ $8


Software and programming


Database programming (extending the capabilities of the system), 50 hours @ $15/hour


Subtotal 2000-01


Total requested


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