This is my ever growing photo gallery. I've tried to minimize file size for those of you on modems, so nothing is as pretty as the chemical prints. The selection of images is fairly haphazard, but some may be worth a look. Thus far, I have scanned in some exposures from 1984 (India, Japan), 1985 (Mexico, Japan), 1986-87 (India again), 1994 (Thailand), 1993-1995 (India yet again), and 2000-02 (Oregon). More locations to come: Canada, Holland, France, Nepal. Probably lots more photos of my kids, some macro/close-up photography, infrared, hand-colored, and so forth...

For those of you interested in seeing any of my prints as prints, I should report that my exhibit "Humanscape of India" has just closed. Those of you near Eugene Oregon can see a couple of my prints at the PhotoZone gallery through July 2002 (One of these, Kashmiri Girl, was awarded "Best of Show".)

If you want to visit the gallery without frames (and without much navigation), click here

Please note that all images are my copyright 2000-2002. Please do not copy without written permission. Feel free to link to images on this site, but only to the html files, not the underlying jpegs. Also it's best if you let me know as I frequently reorganize directory structures so your links may eventually fail.

Last updated: 03-Jul-02