Excerpts from Patrick Buchanan's The Great Betrayal

                                                        The ongoing globalization of economic life leaves many
                                                        Americans nervous and suspicious. Pat Buchanan has
                                                        played to this anxiety in two presidential campaigns and
                                                        is now preparing to do so a third time. To that end he has
                                                        written The Great Betrayal, a root-and-branch rejection of
                                                        free trade in favor of a "new nationalism."
                                            Buchanan on the history of U.S. protectionism: "Behind a tariff wall
                                            built by Washington, Hamilton, Clay, Lincoln, and the Republican
                                            presidents who followed, the United States had gone from an agrarian
                                            coastal republic to become the greatest industrial power the world had
                                            ever seen -- in a single century. Such was the success of the policy
                                            called protectionism that is so disparaged today."1

                                            Buchanan on national sovereignty: "Like a shipwrecked, exhausted
                                            Gulliver on the beach of Lilliput, America is to be tied down with threads,
                                            strand by strand, until it cannot move when it awakens. 'Piece by piece,'
                                            our sovereignty is being surrendered."2

                                            Buchanan on the trade deficit and jobs: "In 1996 the U.S.
                                            merchandise trade deficit hit an astounding $191 billion. Never before had
                                            an advanced industrial nation recorded such a deficit. If, as Presidents
                                            Bush and Clinton have contended, $1 billion in exports equals twenty
                                            thousand jobs, America loses between 3.5 million and 4 million
                                            manufacturing jobs annually."3

                                            Buchanan on the North American Free Trade Agreement: "Two
                                            years after NAFTA, the predictions of its opponents had all come true.
                                            The U.S. trade surplus with Mexico had vanished; a trade deficit of $15
                                            billion had opened up. . . By 1997, 3,300 maquiladora factories were
                                            operating, employing 800,000 Mexican workers in jobs that not long ago
                                            would have gone to Americans."4

                                            Buchanan on imports: "Americans no longer make their own cameras,
                                            shoes, radios, TVs, toys. A fifth of our steel, a third of our autos, half our
                                            machine tools, and two-thirds of our textiles and clothes are made

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