Ph.D. dissertations chaired:

Spike Gildea           1992.  Comparative Cariban Morphosyntax:  On the Genesis of Ergativity in Independent Clauses.
                                           (A revised version is published by Oxford University Press.)
Marleen Haboud   1997.  The Sociolinguistic Situation of Highland Spanish in Ecuador. (co-chair) (Published by Abay-Yala, in Spanish)
Alejandra Vidal      2001. Pilagá Grammar (Guaykuruan, Argentina)

    In Process:

      Pilar Valenzuela. Transitivity and Related Issues in Shipibo (Panoan)
      Andoveloniaina Rasolofo.  Issues in Malagasy Syntax

M.A. theses chaired:

Yoko Fujii                   1989.  Right Dislocation in Japanese.
Spike Gildea               1989.  Panare Simple and Relative Clauses.
Mitsuyo Hamaya      1993. Maasai Auxiliaries and Infinitival Constructions.
Diane Majors             1993.  Verbal Case Frames in Lango.
Wayan Sidhakarya   1995.  Syntactic Roles and Constituent Order in Balinese.
Alejandra Vidal         1995.  Noun Classification in Pilagá.  (co-chair) (Published in the Journal of Amazonian Languages, volume 1.)
Janne Underriner      1996. Nonconfigurationality in Klamath. (co-chair)
Pilar Valenzuela         1997.  Verbal Argument Structure and Ergativity in Shipibo.
Johnny Tjia                1997.  Serial Verbs in Ambonese Malay.
Cynthia Schneider    1998.  Maasai Property Concepts.

   In Process:
    Kent Rasmussen.  Maasai Verb Tone

Undergraduate honors theses:

Rhonda Fraser              1990.  Pragmatics and Word Order in Wayampi.
Anthea Fallen Bailey   1993.  Language Planning and Politics:  The English-Only Question  in the United States.
Austin Bush                 1998.  Formant Frequencies of + and -ATR Vowels in Maasai