Doris Payne, University of Oregon

Winter 2006

Ling 407/507 Introduction to African Language Families

Ling 615        Theory of Syntax

Other selected syllabi:

LING 211          Languages of the World
LING 290          Introduction to Linguistics

LING 435/535   Analytical Methods in Morphology and Syntax
HUM 315          Introduction to African Studies
LING 407/507  Dictionary Development

LING 450/550   Introduction to Phonology
LING 407/507   Structures of African Languages
LING 407/507   Linguistic Computing Seminar
LING 405/507   Field Work Experience
LING 410/510   Language Planning and Policy 

LING 452/552   Syntax II
LING 605          Syntax Group
LING 607          History of Linguistics/Orientation Seminar
LING 617          Field Methods I: Amharic

LING 622      Discourse Analysis
LOT Winter School:  Typology of External Possession & the Domain of Voice

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