David Asher Levin


Associate Professor
Department of Mathematics
Fenton Hall
University of Oregon
Eugene, OR 97403-1221 USA

Email: username@domain, where username = dlevin, domain = uoregon.edu
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Tel:(541) 346-4705
FAX:(541) 346-0987

Abbreviated c.v.

Ph.D. Statistics, 1999, University of California, Berkeley
B.S. Mathematics, 1993 University of Chicago

Research:  Probability theory and its applications.

Slides from mini-course at Durham Symposium 2017

The Microbial Ecology and Theory of Animals Center for Systems Biology

Book: Markov Chains and Mixing Times, second edition (with Y. Peres and E. Wilmer)

AMS Short Course on Markov Chains and Mixing Times (Jan 2010)

Publications and Preprints (very out of date, see arXiv for most recent)

An Extreme-Value Analysis of the LIL for Brownian Motion (with D. Khoshnevisan and Z. Shi), in Elec. Comm. Probab.

Capacities in Wiener Space, Quasi-Sure Lower Functions, and Kolmogorov's ε-entropy (with D. Khoshnevesian and P. Mendez), in Stochastic Process and Applications.

Exceptional Times and Invariance for Dynamical Random Walks (with D. Khoshnevesian and P. Mendez), in Prob. Th. Rel. Fields .

On the Fundamental Theorem of Card Counting with Application to the game of trente-et-quarante (with S. Ethier), in Advances In Applied Probability.

On Dynamical Gaussian Random Walks (with D. Khoshnevesian and P. Mendez), in Annals of Probability.

Identifying Several Biased Coins Encountered by a  Hidden Random Walk (with Yuval Peres), in Random Structures & Algorithms.

Continuous and Discontinuous Phase Transitions in Hypergraph Processes  (with R.W.R. Darling and James R. Norris), in Random Structures & Algorithms.

Transition Probabilities for Symmetric Jump Processes (with Richard Bass), in Transactions of A.M.S.

Harnack Inequalities for Jump Processes (with Richard Bass), in J. Potential Analysis.

A phase transition in random coin tossing (with Robin Pemantle and Yuval Peres), in Annals of Probability.

Energy and cutsets in infinite percolation clusters (with Yuval Peres).  In Random Walks and Discrete Potential Theory, Cortona 1997. Symposia Mathematica, Vol. XXXIX, M. Picardello and W. Woess (editors), Cambridge University Press(1999), 264-278