• to develop a web page that highlights your abilities in using digital design techniques
  • to to apply modeling, rendering, image processing, multimedia and animation to develop and present a studio project

1) Develop a comprehensive description of your own design project. You can choose to concentrate on the whole project in context or to develop one important interior space. Include the following in your description:

  • diagrams showing the spatial organization, program areas and site response
  • orthographic views:  plans, sections & elevations (can be interior elevations)
  • three-dimensional views: rendered perspectives or axonometric drawings developed with lighting and tasteful use of textures
  • three-dimensional file (VRML .wrl, QTVR panorama or more innovative application) or animated walkthrough or construction build-up

2) Create or revise a web portfolio to show off the design project and previous 424/524 assignments. Select from your efforts to highlight only your top work, show it off at a large scale.  Carefully design a navigation system that can be expanded to include work from other classes. Think about how color, fonts, custom graphical elements, sound and interactivity (rollovers and actions) can reward the viewer.

Schedule of Requirements:

7 Mon, Feb. 18:

Hand-out of Assignment 5

Wed, Feb. 20:

Assignment 4 presentations

Plan, thumbnail images & schedule for design project

8 Mon, Feb. 25:

Website structure, web pages with assignments 1 & 2

Wed, Feb. 27: Web pages of assignments 3 & 4
9 Mon, Mar. 4 Model of design project

Wed, Mar. 6 Website with components & place-holders
10 Mar. 11-18 Sign up for conferences and help sessions
11 Wed Mar. 19 Final Review of Website