University of Oregon - Department of Architecture - ARCH 424/524 Cheng - Advanced Design Development Media

Assignments Summary

Students will contribute to one of the following studies:

In small groups, students will design a joint website and plan how individual work will contribute to a whole. Each student will be responsible for producing a Website including model components to share, a detailed 3D model of a particular room, building or site and interpretive renderings and multimedia.

For each class, students are to bring work in progress with final results posted onto a webpage. Assignments are planned to maximize sharing of class data, so timely hand-ins are important. The short descriptions listed below are preliminary and subject to revision. 

Assignment 1 Web Page (Golive with Photoshop & studioDesk)

With your partners, design an expandable web site structure, create graphical components and template pages. Flesh out the site with scanned sketches and background information.

Technical: Golive: publishing, text, color, images, links, image maps, rollovers; Photoshop: Web file formats, selection sets & image editing, layers; Studiodesk: collaborative graphics

Content: Sequencing images to create a narrative, Use collaged images to provide a sense of place


Assignment 2 Modeling Comparison (FormZ, Revit) 

Working from photos, drawings and textual information, create modeling components to share and build a precise 3D model of a room or space. Integrate images of these models onto your web page.

Technical: Compare how two different modelers shape what forms can be created

Content: Structure a 3D model to foster analytical understanding of a building's geometry, systems or mechanisms


Assignment 3 Lighting Study of Room or Building (FormZ, Lightscape)

Explore how lighting, materials and textures can be used to interpret a 3D model.  Upload images and models to share.

Technical: Compare different methods for rendering and displaying images

Content: Examine how lighting transforms space


Assignment 4 Artistic interpretation (FormZ, Lightscape & Photoshop) 

Express the essential qualities of a space by using mixed media to create a personal interpretation.

Technical: Use lighting, viewpoints & animation to create a complete description of the project.

Content:To develop skill in using combining media to tell a story or make a convincing argument.


Assignment 5 Interactive Multimedia (GoLive, Photoshop, FormZ, etc.)

Generate and combine interactive elements to increase the impact of your site.

Technical: Add audio, video, JavaScript, DHTML animation, Web site management, (CSS, QT & Forms as time allows)

Content: Understand strategies for maximizing the effect of feedback.

Assignment 6 Final Presentation

Consolidate and explain your work for the term, coordinate your presentation with other class members

Technical: Package your information for a verbal presentation, reformatting as required.

Content: Examine how presentations can address different situations.