Assignment 6: Summary

Objectives: To explore creative expression in making a memorable web experience

What makes a place memorable? Is it the scent of the flowers, the sun dappling through moving leaves? In the quest to master the modeling and rendering tools, our websites have emphasized a matter-of-fact scientific display over free interpretation.

Now that you have a model, renderings and animation frames, you have the opportunity to re-arrange your material in a more evocative way. How can you make the presentation of this place more personal? Go back to when you were selecting the project and think about:

  • What makes it special for you?
  • Are there certain aspects to highlight? How can you use point-of-view and lighting to bring out those places?
  • What would the best way to introduce someone to this place? Rather than giving away the whole experience, can you build up an understanding of the place through a sequence of moments?

Rather than learning new skills, you will be exercise the skills you have been learning in an EXPRESSIVE way. Use your critical eye to edit out extraneous pieces and fill in missing gaps. Embellish and layer your renderings with digitized images in Photoshop. Work towards graphic sophistication and a seamless interface. Stress quality over quantity.

Rework you current site into an integral artistic statement using interactivity to make it compelling.

Select ONE of the technologies to explore more indepth: sound, Javascript (i.e. rollovers and actions), Quicktime animation, QTVR with links, VRML with links or DHTML animation (GoLive) or forms. Generate and combine these interactive elements with your previous work along with relevant pieces from your classmates or other sources.

Be sure that you have permission to use borrowed work and give credit to all sources.


Draft Posting for feedback: Wednesday June 6, 9am (worth 5 points out of the term's 100)

Final Web posting: Monday night, June 11, 11pm.

Final Review: Tues June 12, 10:15 am, Room 132 Pacific