Web Design & Graphics


  • To understand the following aspects of GoLive authoring: site file, components, stationery files, link checker, rollovers, actions
  • To understand how Photoshop layers and actions can be used to create site graphics

I. Resources

  • Web Design, Graphics
  • Aalto, Maybeck & Place

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II. What to include in the report?  

  • Narrative description:  why does the building look as it does? Context in terms of the evolving work, site and client,
  • Analytical drawings & diagrams w/ naturalistic perspective views
  • Choices for making a compelling presentation

III. Achieving your design in GoLive

  • File structure
  • Page structure
  • Preparing images with Photoshop
  • Combining images interactively with actions
  • Site management

Workshop: Try it with your own images or prepared ones