16 Architectural Forms on the Web


  • To understand how 3D information can be placed on web pages

I. FormZ export formats

A. VRML (File menu > Save to VRML format)

B. Quicktime VR (File menu > Save as QTVR)

    Can use Display > Display Options > Renderzone > Environment map to place objects in a full image map ontext

C. Animation

  • Find sequential views with View menu > Edit Cone of Vision
  • Save Views in numbered sequence (view 1, view 2, view 3, etc.). In Views palette, double click on View name, then Sort views.
  • In Views palette, check views to be animated, then select View menu > Animation from Keyframes. Test out at Half Screen size or smaller, wireframe setting the total number of frames.
  • In the Display menu, Generate Animation (Quicktime movie format)

II.  Placing movies on a Web page

Objects > Basic > Plugins

Size panoramas larger to fit controls

III. GoLive Site Tools

  • Views Correcting Errors
  • Adding Pages
  • Reusable Site Components
  • Colors
  • Stationery file

Actions can be added in Head (OnLoad), in an Animation Timeline (action track below numbers), and in any link (#, then open Action).