University of Oregon - Department of Architecture - ARCH 424/524 Cheng - Advanced Design Development Media

9 Images & 3D models


I. Review of Libraries, Student Sites

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Diagram links and Web searching

II. Assignment 4

III. Rendering

A. Material Attributes in Surface Styles

B. Images

C. Texture Mapping (urban blocks)

D. Decals (picture in frame, decal on brick wall, rug on floor)

IV. Rendering Background

A. Images in the Background

B. Matching image perspective views

C. Alpha Channel Background

IV. Creating and Using Alpha Channels

A. Save Selection, Load Selection (Channel)

B. Creating an Alpha Channel (paint in mask mode)

V. Web Site Management

VI. References

Stylized Depiction in Computer Graphics (non-realistic rendering)

3D Paint

Models and Texture Maps 

FOR TUESDAY: Draft of Model with sketches of layers

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