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5 Modeling Primitives & Operations


I. Check-in

II. Learning process

Language analogy

Sequence for learning digital applications

III. Interface

Help menu, Modeling tools
Simplifying the menu

Tile Windows
View menu > Edit Cone of Vision

IV. 2D shape to 3D form


A. Derivative Objects

TUT 7.3* from parts of other objects, TUT 7.5 Parallel objects

B. Protrusions

TRY IT: Simple roof forms

C. Lathed objects

TUT 8.1

D. Sweeps

Axial 2 source TUT 9.2 2 path TUT 9.3

V.  Precision Tools

Absolute vs. Relative coordinates
Query operations

VI Basic Transformations

D'Arcy Thompson's On Growth and Form
1 2 3

Basic Operations:

Order of operations DO matter
Selection set DOES matter

VII.  Ways to model

Direct 3D Doghouse

2D to 3D Doghouse

Another Doghouse

VIII.  Context

Modeling methods & applications


IX. Vocabulary  

FOR TUESDAY: Websites with diagrams or drawings and text information

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