University of Oregon - Department of Architecture - ARCH 424/524 Cheng - Advanced Design Development Media

10 Modeling Transformations


I. Check-in on Libraries, Student Sites

A. Final Review Mar 14: change 8:00 am time to 9:00

B. Lightscape option (204 Pacific)

C. FormZ Books at the Computing Center, Uddin's Digital Architecture @AAA

II. Assignment 4

III. Modeling

A. Adjustments

  • Adjusting points, segments, faces, outlines (scalepoints.fmz)
  • Scaling Objects (equal & unequal, % vs. absolute)
  • Triangulating non-planar faces
  • Smooth Mesh (keep flat or set max face angle)
  • Defining a new reference plane (window tool)

B. 3D to 2D

  • Projection onto the reference plane
  • Section tool
  • Unfolding

C. Generating Objects 2D to 3D

  • Metaballs (group, then evaluate)
  • Terrain model from contours (contours.fmz)
  • Derivative objects from faces vs. whole pieces (geodesic dome, derivative 3D enclosure)

D. Arranging Objects

E. New Objects from old

E. Combining objects

Models and Texture Maps 

FOR THURSDAY: Developed model and game plan for Tuesday's presentation

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