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For a complete list of liguistics courses offered at UO, see the department's courses page

Courses, past and present:

LING 101: Introduction to Language:
Nontechnical introduction to language. Issues of general concern such as language attitudes; language and legislation, nationalism, gender; language learning; and human language versus animal communication.

LING 211: Languages of the World:
Survey of the variability and distribution of the languages of the world in terms of linguistic typology, genetic relationships, and geographic location.

LING 415/515: Semantics:
Survey of the fundamentals of semantic ehtory from traditional formal logic to modern cognitive approaches. Additional coverage of fundamental notions in pramatics. Prereq: LING 301 or equivalent.

LING 426/526: Structure of Tibeto-Burman Languages:

LING 451/551: Functional Syntax I:
Syntax within grammar; its interaction with lexical meaning, propositional semantics, and discourse pragmatics; syntactic structure; case roles; word order; grammatical morphology; tense, aspect, modality, and negation; definiteness and referentiality. Prereq: LING 435/535.

LING 452/552: Functional Syntax II:
Complex syntactic structures and their discourse function; embedded, coordinate, and subordinate clauses; nondeclarative speech acts, topicalization, contrast, and focusing; transitivization and detransitivization. Data from various languages. Prereq: LING 451/551.

LING 460: Historical and Comparative Linguistics:
Principles of language change and the methods of comparative and internal reconstruction; typological change in phonology, morphology, and syntax; language families and protolanguages. Prereq: LING 450/550, 451/551.

LING 607: Seminar in Case:

LING 616: Linguistics Theory: Semantics:
Detailed investigation of issues in semantic and pragmatic theory. Topics may include universals of lexical semantics and discourse pragmatics and their interaction. Prereq: LING 452/552.