mp3s - I offer these inferior audio files for your listening. If you would like to use these for a dance, your good faith is assumed and you will contact me.

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Some recent ambient scores:

Singed, Eno and Milo

Other electro-acoustic scores:

Drive Thru Entity [2.2Mb] - a synth score for Janet Sturman at USFlorida

A Snag in the Weave [3.8 MB] - a highly rhythmic score

Flight [3.2Mb] - an old analog synth score for Susan Van Pelt in Columbus

The Calm Calculus of Reason [2.5Mb] - for Linda Lehovec @ UIUC

Umbelele [2.8Mb] - a Meet-The-Composer Commission for Tiffany Mills performed in NYCity @ the Soho/Joyce in October, 1997

Hoop Dance [6.9Mb] - a minimalist synth score for Alito Alessi

Acoustic Scores:

Waterfall [3.5Mb] - piano and harmonica (John Polese) for Corrie Cowart's Video

Rain Shadow [8.4Mb] - piano and clarinet (Sol Baer) for Aiko Kinoshita

Tango Project for Rebecca Nettl-Fiol's dance, Once Removed - for string quartet:

mvt. 2 [2.0Mb], mvt. 3 [1.8Mb], mvt. 4 [1.6Mb], mvt. 5 [2.2Mb]