Below is a listing of sites which are related to dance, esp. modern dance.

If you click on a blue text you will get the site.

These are just a few of the sites available. If you are familiar with a good site and would like to tell me, or have problems with a site that is listed here, then please e-mail me.


WWW Virtual Dance This is a very good overall site. A little lighter overview

The New York Public Library. Home of the Dance Collection.Telnet session, login at prompt with "nypl"

Or use the NYPL Dance Collection Web Pages [uses the www for easier use, though is sometimes clogged]

Merce Cunningham This is the best site going for an individual choreographer.

modern sites:

university dance sites: international info: The Dance Archive:
[a little less user friendly than most people like, but is enormously helpful if you dig. Read the readme.txt file] Dance Music sources [non-modern]: Pages for partner dancing esp. swing: Yahoo:

UIUC Dept. of Dance Homepage Cherry Homepage