Collapse outline to hide bullets/links Emmergence of Performance Strategies: Running

Ideas on the Emergence of Performance Strategies

People are Different!

What Causes Differences?

Average Person

Mythical Person

How & Why

Creature of Experiences

Information & Experiences

Perceptions / Expectations


Movement Continuum


Structure / Performance Model

Structure / Running Model

Stress Effects

Physiological Adaptation Model

Why Different Responses?

Phys Model: Lesser Force

Phys Model: Greater Force




An 'Accommodation' Model

Model Modification: Stronger

Model Modification: Lower Threshold

'River of Variability' Model

'River': Lesser Force

'River': Greater Force

Load Effects

'River: Lesser Variation

'River': Greater Variation

'River': Maximum Variation

Skill vs Activity

Load vs Time (Repititions)

Skill Model

Activity Model

A Dilemma Exists

What Options Do You Have?

What Causes Injury?

What Constitutes Change?

How to Regain 'Health'

Back to 'Change'

Injury Risk Model

Skill Development Model

Your Choice!