Haotian Wu, The University of Sydney

Title: Mean curvature flow of noncompact hypersurfaces with Type-II curvature blow-up.

Abstract: The mean curvature flow (MCF) deforms a hypersurface in the direction of its mean curvature vectors. Singularities in mean curvature flow can form in either finite or infinite time. In this talk, we present some results, jointly with Isenberg (Oregon) and Zhang (Sydney), concerning the precise asymptotics of non-compact MCF solutions with either Type-IIa (in finite time) or Type-IIb (in infinite time) curvature blow-up. Time permitting, we also present a numerical analysis, in collaboration with Garfinkle (Oakland University), Isenberg (Oregon) and Knopf (UT Austin), on the stability of Type-IIa singularity in MCF of non-compact hypersurfaces.