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The Accessible Technology Program

Provides support to students with disabilities and their access to campus technology

The Accessible Technology Program for Students with Disabilities

The purpose Accessible Technology Program is to provide support in accessing electronic technology that has become a fundamental element of student life. This goal can be accomplished in the following ways:

  1. By being a resource to the other technology providers on campus
  2. By promoting access at all computer labs on campus
  3. By orienting students with disabilities to the available technology
  4. Promoting the accessibility of campus web-sites and other electronic instructional materials.

Participating in the program

To participate in the Technology Access Program a student must be referred by the Accessible Education Center. Once referred, the student tours the Adaptive Tech Center to gain familiarity with the services available.

The Technology Access Program for Faculty of Students with Disabilities

The Accessible Technology Program works with faculty and the Accessible Education Center to ensure technological access to campus classes and programs for students with disabilities. Support is available in several ways:

  1. Consulting for faculty producing accessible instruction materials i.e. PDFs, PowerPoints, videos etc.
  2. Consulting with faculty for web-specific course content
  3. Consulting with the Testing Center on assistive technology and computer-based testing

While some students may independently request accommodations directly to an instructor, faculty are always encouraged to consult with the Accessible Education Center to verify the appropriateness of the request.

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