Chauncey Richardson to Washington City Orphan Asylum, March 12, 1912

Washington City Orphan Asylum

Dear Madam:

If your institution dismisses girls at a certain age, and finds for them homes where they can earn a living under favorable conditions, I wish I might give such a one employment at my home in Chevy Chase.

I have a wife and one child—no servants—a small house, an acre of ground, and many conveniences for the facilitating of the work, such as electric lights, pumping engine, water-heater, gas range, etc.

Mrs. Richardson is well fitted to instruct a girl in the valuable points of cooking, sewing and other housework, and the experience would be worth as much as the money.

In writing this I have tried to anticipate some of the questions that will arise, but I will cheerfully answer more. Or, I can call at the Asylum if so desired.

Yours respectfully,

C.E. Richardson

March 12, 1912


Source: E.E. Richardson to Matrons, Washington Orphan Asylum, March 12, 1912, Hillcrest Children's Center Papers, Box 3, Folder: “Indentures, Adoptions, Court Orders 1870-1923, 1941,” Library of Congress, Manuscript Division.

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