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Last Updated: February 5, 2014

Q. I have a question about parking. Who should I ask?

A. Campus Planning and Real Estate is responsible for organizing transportation policies as defined in the Long Range Transportation Plan. If you have a question regarding implementation of these policies, for example parking fees or reserved parking spaces, contact the Department of Parking and Transportation at (541) 346-5444.

Q. How can I find out more about the University's use of Christopher Alexander's Pattern Language (and The Oregon Experiment) in its planning process?
A. We receive many questions about The Pattern Lanuage and how it relates to our current planning process. Please look at our FAQ Pattern Language Page.
Q. Where can I obtain a list of legislatively approved capital construction projects for the University of Oregon and other OUS institutions?
A. For up-to-date information, contact the Oregon University System's Administrative Office, (541) 346-5728 or 346-5700.
Q. How can I find out what campus base maps and architectural drawings are available? How can I get copies?
A. For campus maps, visit the infographics web site. For architectural drawings and book plans of campus buildings, contact Campus Operations at (541) 346-2289.
Q. Who is the designer for the current project under way on campus? Also, how big will the building be and when will it be built?
A. Our Current Projects provides general information regarding primary current and upcoming projects. If you do not see the project of interest listed, please call Campus Planning and Real Estate at (541) 346-5562.
Q. I am a furniture sales representative and am interested in providing my services for a current project. Who should I contact?
A. You should contact the project architect directly. To find out who the project architect is, visit our Current Projects.
Q. The roof in our office is leaking. Who do I contact?
A. Campus Operations handles maintenance and repair requests. Contact the Campus Operations customer service center at (541) 346-2319.
Q. I am intersted in providing consultant services to the University of Oregon. How can I learn about planning and construction projects on the UO campus? Do you have a mailing list? What about retainers?

A. Campus Planning and Real Estate maintains a list of consultants potentially available for University projects refered to as a consultant roster. Interested firms may submit information that describes the firm and types of services it provides; the firm's brochure provide adequate information. Advertisements for design consultants for major capitol construction projects are placed in Portland's Daily Journal of Commerce, Eugene's Register-Guard, and two of Portland's minority business papers. We e-mail a copy of the advertisement directly to firms on our consultant roster.

Retainers are issued through the Oregon University System's Administration Office, usually for a two-year or three-year period. For more information, you can visit OUS's webpage. Located on the bottom of this webpage is a link 'How to do business with OUS using the Retainer Programs'.

Q. I want to re-arrange my office furniture, buy new carpet, and maybe do a little painting. Where do I go for help?
A. Contact the Campus Operations customer service center at (541) 346-2319.
Q. We need to add a substantial amount of new building space and/or to improve existing facilities. What would we need to do to get started and who should we contact?

A. Major capital construction projects with total project budgets exceeding $500K require expenditure approval from the Oregon State Legislature. This is done through a capital construction budget request process that takes two years.

If you have an idea for a large-scale capital project, get in touch with your department or unit head at least several months before the proposal submission deadline. He/she, in turn, should contact the dean, the administrator, or director to sponsor the major capital construction project.

Campus Planning and Real Estate provides advice and planning services to members of the University community for projects of this scale. Please contact Cathy Soutar at Campus Planning and Real Estate at 346-5567 or

If the scope of your capital project requires a total budget projected less than $500K, contact Campus Operations at (541) 346-2319.

Q. I have a concern regarding disabled access on campus. Who can I call?
A. If you have a specific concern regarding accessibility to a class or program, contact the office of Academic Advising and Student Services at (541) 346-3211. For questions about accessibility at a public event, contact Penny Daugherty in Affirmative Action at (541) 346-2971. Campus policies regarding design of accessible spaces are included in the Accessibility Guidelines.
Q. Who is involved in the design of the campus landscape and development?
A. The Campus Plan describes the procedures and policies which guide campus development. Campus Planning and Real Estate staff and the Campus Planning Committee ensure that these policies are followed. For specific projects, a user group, usually consisting of staff, faculty, and students, is appointed to work directly with the architect to ensure that the needs of the users are addressed. Campus Planning and Real Estate staff manages the design process and guides projects through necessary reviews.
Q. How are sites selected for new development? Who decides where a new building, playing field, or parking lot goes?

A. For new campus development, other than an addition to an existing building, the project sponsor typically works with the Campus Planning and Real Estate director to select a preferred site as described in "Policy One: Process and Participation" of the Campus Plan. The Campus Planning Committee reviews the preferred site (if there is one identified) and makes a site recommendation to the president based upon conformance with Campus Plan policies and patterns. The committee may appoint a separate work group as needed to review possible sites.

Q. What if the proposed site is off campus?
A. If new campus development is proposed for an off-campus site (outside of the state-approved campus boundaries but owned by the university), the project sponsor will work with the vice president for finance and administration and the Campus Planning and Real Estate director to determine the preferred site for the project as described in "Policy One: Process and Participation" of the Campus Plan (refer to Track C projects). The vice president for finance and administration will forward this information to the president, who will accept, modify, or reject it. A map showing the campus boundaries is available in the Campus Plan (refer to the chapter titled, "How to Use the Campus Plan").
Q. I've noticed many beautiful trees on campus. How can I find out what kind they are?
A. Campus Planning and Real Estate has prepared the University of Oregon Atlas of Trees (1996), which is for sale at the University Bookstore and at the Museum of Natural and Cultural History. In addition, the Atlas (call number LD4363.M39 1996) is available at the Science Library, AAA Library (reference), and the Oregon Collection (reference).
Q. Our department unit is hiring new staff and we need more office space. How should we get more space?
A. Your department or unit head should contact the assistant dean, associate dean, or director responsible for space in your division. If adequate space is not available within the school or division, a request should then be made to the University Space Advisory Group. For more information, please contact Cathy Soutar at 346-5567 or
If you have a question that has not been answered, we invite you to contact Campus Planning and Real Estate at: or give us a call at 541-346-5562.