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  • Lewis Integrated Science Building is awarded the LEED Platinum certification from USGBC. plaque on top of drawings
  • UO Campus Physical Framework Vision Project
    A comprehensive physical framework vision of open spaces and buildings, which will bring greater specificity to the Campus Plan, better inform decisions on how to accommodate growth and change, and preserve the beauty and functionality of the campus.
  • UO completes its annual commuter survey just in time for this year's Business Commute Challenge (May 11-17). The survey indicates that UO is well-prepared to take on the Challenge. Only 18% of students, faculty, and staff drive alone, while 82% get to campus by other transportation modes, such as walking, bicycling, taking the bus, and carpooling. May 2013
    Cover Page, Summary of Statistics
  • University of Oregon's 2013 Major Capital Projects list
  • PK Park is awarded the Single Field Facility of the Year Award by the American Sports Builders Association. Design by Cameron McCarthy Landscape Architecture & Planning. December 2012
  • Architectural Character Presentation (29MB ppt)
    Serves as a tool for educating user groups about what the UO architectural campus character is and for engaging user groups in a discussion about the appearance of the building’s exterior.
  • CPRE takes 1st place in the Business Commute Challenge 10-25 member team category with a total of 345 miles by alternative transportation modes in one week. That equates to preventing 279 pounds of carbon dioxide from going into the air or saving up to 17 gallons of gasoline! Way to Go! May 2012
  • goldsealofsustainabilitygreenofficeOffice of Sustainability awards first Green Office Gold certification to Campus Planning and Real Estate. March 2012

  • Past Announcements
  • What Makes a Good Classroom?
    An analysis of essential qualities and features in university classrooms, including a couple at the UO. Gregg Sanders, SERA Architects. February 2011

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