The following email message was received by Senate President Peter Gilkey on Tuesday November 23 1999. It was entitled as an Open Memo and is presumed to have been intended for public distribution. Peter B Gilkey (Senate President)

Tue Nov 23 12:46:41 1999 Date: Tue, 23 Nov 1999 12:52:55 -0800
Subject: Autzen enlargement and the University's Mission

Open Memo to the Intercollegiate Athletics Committee and the University community
From: Richard Sundt, Art History
Re: Autzen Expansion Project and the Place of Athletics in the University of Oregon

The Autzen Expansion Project at any cost, but more particularly at "$70-80 million" raises a number of grave issues that go to the very core of academics everywhere in this country and the University of Oregon most especially. Unfortunately, because of class commitments and Thanksgiving travel coming up, I do not have time to develop fully my thoughts on the problem at hand (particularly point 3 below), which has clearly touched a raw nerve among the faculty, as I have come to learn during the course of this week. I am writing this in anticipation of an upcoming meeting of the Intercollegiate Athletic Committee. Let me enumerate at least some of the problems the Autzen expansion poses locally and what this means in terms of the place of athletics in a university setting, and most especially in a chronically underfunded one such as Oregon.