Letter from Andrew Schulz to members of the University Senate regarding the search for a new director of the Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art.

September 19, 2007

Dear fellow senators,

As a member of the search committee for the new director for the museum of art, I thought it important to let you know that I don't read the letter from Sherwin Simmons as in any way impugning my integrity. To my mind, Sherwin's letter presents in a clear and succinct manner the key issues surrounding the museum. I would also note that although signed by Sherwin, the letter reflects the consensus view of many faculty in AAA -- in art history as well as other departments -- who were consulted as he drafted it. Far from being a local matter that affects only some departments and faculty, this is an issue that goes to the very heart of faculty governance, donor involvement, and other topics with which the senate has been -- and should be -- engaged. I look forward to senate debate on the museum, and will have much more to say about this crucial matter at that point.

Best wishes, Andy Schulz Senate Representative for AAA

Andrew Schulz Associate Professor of Art History
Department of Art History 5229 -- University of Oregon Eugene, OR 97403
541 346 2111 aschulz@uoregon.edu

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