Motion US04/05-5 University Senate Endorsement of the COIA Best Practice Guidelines on Academic Integrity in Intercollegiate Athletics

Sponsored by: University Senate President, W. Andrew Marcus

Action Date:   March 9, 2005


Whereas, the University of Oregon University Senate is a member of the Coalition on Intercollegiate Athletics (COIA), and;


Whereas, the COIA steering committee has requested that faculty leaders from member institutions vote on acceptance of a COIA document that details suggested best practice guidelines for Academic Integrity in Intercollegiate Athletics, and;


Whereas, the COIA document does not mandate practices at member schools, but rather, states that, The object [of the best practices document] is not to prescribe what schools must do, but to suggest issues that schools need to consider and approaches that may with adaptation fit local needs and strengthen the way athletics supports the educational mission.  Where other local practices already accomplish the goal of academic integrity, those may in fact constitute best practices for that institution.


Therefore, be it resolved that the University of Oregon University Senate:


            (1) Endorses the COIA document on best practice guidelines for academic integrity in intercollegiate athletics, and;


            (2) Charges the Intercollegiate Athletics Committee with recommending to the University Senate and Administration which of the COIA guidelines should be implemented at the University of Oregon.


Background to the Motion


The University Senate voted to join COIA on February 11, 2004.  The background materials to Resolution US03/04-03 state that:


The Coalition on Intercollegiate Athletics (COIA) is composed of faculty leaders from NCAA Division I-A schools. It is one of several groups seeking long-range, comprehensive, moderate reforms in intercollegiate athletics. It seeks to represent the faculty voice in the growing national debate over the future of college sports. The Coalition's goals are set forth in the Framework for Comprehensive Athletics Reform.  The Coalition is working with the leadership of other stakeholder groups interested in athletics reform, including the NCAA itself, the AGB (Association of Governing Boards, representing the trustees and regents), and the AAUP (American Association of University Professors)


Since the University of Oregon University Senate joined COIA, membership in the organization has grown to include senates from 47 Division I-A Universities.  In January, 2005, representatives from the COIA steering committee approved a document outlining best practices for insuring Academic Integrity in Intercollegiate Athletics. 


The Academic Integrity document does not provide specific rules that each campus must follow.  Rather, if accepted, it creates a framework for individual universities to use as they develop best practices for their home institutions.

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