Resolution US03/04-1 -- Opposition to possible siting of the basketball and event arena at or near Howe Field location

Proposed by: Mike Russo, LCB -- Management

For action at: October 8, 2003 University Senate meeting

Sponsored by Mike Russo, Management

  • Whereas a basketball and events arena is being planned for a location at or adjacent to Howe Field, and
  • Whereas this arena would eliminate open space in direct violation of the Campus Long Range Plan, and
  • Whereas this arena would be completely out of scale with surrounding buildings, and
  • Whereas this arena would result in the elimination or relocation of a number of student facilities including but not limited to intramural fields, the three-year old indoor tennis courts, the Outdoor Recreation Center, and Howe Field itself, and
  • Whereas a parking structure for the arena may require the relocation of important track and field facilities, and
  • Whereas LTD would need to quadruple the number of buses to serve game nights, and
  • Whereas congestion around the arena on game and event nights would overwhelm the capacity of nearby streets, and the parking structures built along with the arena would create very significant traffic in the surrounding neighborhood not only for events but every working day, and
  • Whereas many of the University's faculty, staff, and students live in these surrounding arenas and would be detrimentally affected,
  • Be It Resolved that the University of Oregon University Senate Hereby expresses its opposition to the construction of a basketball and events arena at or near the Howe Field site and urges the University to reconsider its decision and to take the requisite time to find a more suitable place for such a large facility.
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