US0102-3 Resolution dealing with the Chancellor Search

Whereas the principle of shared governance is no less critical to the successful administration of the Oregon University System than it is to the successful administration of the individual campuses;

Whereas the Oregon State Board of Higher Education has outlined a search process for the next Chancellor that does not include formal faculty and student participation; and

Whereas such participation is imperative to ensure a selection process and a result that enjoys the full support and confidence of the OUS faculties and other constituencies of the next chancellor;

Therefore, be it resolved by the University of Oregon Senate that President VanLuvanee and the Directors of the Oregon State Board of Higher Education should create a new process that specifically includes formal participation by representatives of OUS faculty and students in the evaluation of candidates and the selection of the new chancellor.

On 29 October 2001, IFS President Craig Wollner transmitted a resolution dealing with the Chancellor Search to the IFS Senators requesting that they ``present the resolution as quickly as possible to your faculty senate president''. On 29 October 2001, the Faculty Advisory Council of the University of Oregon considered the matter carefully. The wording was changed slightly from the version transmitted by IFS President Wollner and then approved unanimously by the FAC Monday October 29. It was approved unanimously by the UO Senate Executive Committee Wednesday October 31 and by the full UO Senate Wednesday 14 November 2001.

See also letter (15 Nov) and letter (27 Nov) by Senate President Tublitz to Chancellor Cox concerning the search process.

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