Motion US00/01-8 Development of a Human Rights Curricular and Research Initiative

Members of the committee differed on many points, but are unanimous in recommending that the University should initiate research and instruction on the host of human rights issues raised by the WRC controversy. In our discussions with industry representatives, monitoring experts, and labor rights activists, we were told that there is a great need for sustained research on such human rights issues as the living wage, working conditions, and the right to form labor unions. Consistent with the research mission of the University of Oregon, the committee calls for the serious study of these and other related issues. Toward this end, we would encourage University of Oregon research centers (e.g., Center for the Study of Women in Society, the Humanities Center) Endowed Chairs (The Wilberta and Carlton Savage Chair of International relations and Peace, the Morse Chair), and disciplinary departments that address human rights and labor issues to collaborate on a research and educational program that illuminates the meaning of human rights in a global economy.

The Senate should petition the administration to form a programmatic approach to the research of and instruction in human rights, particularly as they relate to condition of workers in developing countries. The funding for this proposal might come, in part, from licensing fees. Accordingly, we envision the creation of:

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