Minutes of the Special Senate Ad Hoc Committee on Student Records meeting held 12 December 2003

Present: Garrett Epps, Peter Gilkey (Chair), Melinda Grier, Dave Hubin, Daniel Pope.
Excused Absence:Gina Psaki was unable to attend.
Guests: Jette Foss, Gwen Steigelman, and Frank Stahl.

On 3 December 2003, the UO Senate voted to postpone consideration of US034-5 and to ask UO Senate President Bowditch to appoint a special
ad hoc committee to deal with issues arising the debate.

The meeting began with a review of the charge to the committee: After consulting widely with faculty, staff, and students,
      a) discuss and recommend language to amend the current OAR 571-20 regarding subpoenas of student records;
      b) discuss and recommend language for inclusion in the faculty handbook regarding such subpoenas;
      c) discuss and recommend language for inclusion in a policy statement to be issued by the university concerning procedures to
      respond to such subpoenas;
      d) frame an appropriate motion(s) for the Senate that would address the committee's recommendations in the above three areas.

Pursuant to item (a) of its charge, the committee discussed a document to amend OAR 572-020 which was presented at the UO Senate . Professor Epps suggested replacing the phrase "suponea ordering" by "suponea, whether or not that suponea orders" to clarify the intent. Professor Pope suggested adding language at the beginning of the motion to ask that the information in the OAR be distributed widely to the campus community. This resulted in a working draft.The committee decided to

  1. ask Dave Hubin and Daniel Pope to write suitable brief language in the preamble requesting that the Administration disseminate the relevant information widely.
  2. ask Dave Hubin to transmit the finished document to the Chair (Peter Gilkey) and to the Secretary of the Senate (Gwen Steigelman) on or before 7 January 2004 to ensure that it can be posted on the web and thereby made available to the community well in advance of the 14 January meeting of the Senate.
  3. ask Dan Pope to present the document at the UO Senate meeting 14 January 2004. After considering the comments (if any) on the document at the Senate meeting, the document will be introduced in the form of a substitute motion for US034-5 to be acted upon by the Senate at the February meeting.
The committee then discussed a document giving some background on Student Records Policy which is related to the discussion in the University Senate on 3 Dec 03. The chair was instructed to post the document on the web and transmit the information concerning the document to the UO Senate. The chair was also instructed to post on the committee website documents provided previously to the UO Senate by Professor Frank Stahl related to the discussion of US034-5.

The committee then adjourned. It is anticipated that the next meeting of the Committee will be Thursday 15 January 2004; all members of the University Community are invited. At this meeting, the Committee will consider carefully any comments made by the Senate concerning the draft document discussed above. The committee will then take up the second item in the charge -- to discuss and recommend language for inclusion in the faculty handbook regarding such subpoenas.

Respectfully submitted
Peter B Gilkey (Chair)

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