Date: Fri, 27 Feb 2004 07:14:00 -0800
Subject: Senate Ad Hoc Committee on Student Records

Dear Officers of the UO Senate

The Senate Ad Hoc Committee on Student Records met yesterday (26 February 2004). Present in attendence were Peter Gilkey, Frahk Stahl, Jette Foss, Gina Psaki, Lisa Freinkel, Ben Strawn, Gordon Lafer, Melinda Grier, Garrett Epps, and Dave Hubin.

It is my hope we are reaching closure on the part of your charge to us "discuss and recommend language for inclusion in a policy statement to be issued by the university concerning procedures to respond to such subpoenas". The next meeting of the committee will be Thursday 11 March 2004 (1530-1700 Johnson Hall Conference Room). At that time it is my hope the committee will forward an appropriate resolution to be considered by the UO Senate at the April meeting of the Senate. Garrett Epps is going to draft the final wording - he is doing an outstanding job.

Gordon Lafer was present at the meeting yesterday as well and we had a very constructive and useful discussion of his petition. Several specific changes were suggested in the wording -- in particular I made the remark that the language "University of Oregon Senate, acting as the University's Sole Governing Body, " is not quite correct -- it is to the best of my belief the State Board rather than the UO Senate that is the governing body of the University. I also raised some concerns about the Hatch act -- Melinda is going to check into the matter. It may be that members of the UO Senate who are supported by Federal grants at the time of the Senate meeting may have to recuse themselves from the matter.

At the March 11 meeting of the SAHCOSR, we will turn to the final charge to our committee "to discuss and recommend language for inclusion in the faculty handbook regarding such subpoenas" and I have already invited Gwen Steigelman (Secretary of the Faculty) to that meeting; the committee proposes to discuss the issues, items, and other concerns we wish to have included in the faculty handbook but to leave it up to Gwen to implement the actual language changes to the handbook in the interests of notational compatibility and articulatory smoothness.

Respectfully submitted

Peter B Gilkey Chair SAHCOSR

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