Wayne Westling Award for University Leadership and Service

The Wayne Westling Award for University Leadership and Service was created by the UO Senate at the 14 November 2001 and the 5 December 2001 meetings of the UO Senate (see for further information). The award is named in honor of Professor Wayne Westling, Professor of Law at the University of Oregon from 1979-2001, renown across campus for his unswerving and selfless commitment to faculty governance at the University of Oregon. It is given to a faculty or staff member for their outstanding and long-term leadership and service to the university. The Committee on Committees is responsible for establishing the selection criteria, soliciting nominations, screening candidates, and recommending the recipient to the senate for its approval. The senate president serves as an ex-officio member of the Committee on Committees for this yearly award activity.

Senate President Tublitz spoke concerning Wayne Westling at the UO Senate Meeting 22 May 2002.

Award Winners

  1. May 22 2002. Peter B Gilkey (Mathematics)
  2. May 28 2003. Peter von Hippel (Chemistry)
  3. May 26 2004. Remarks by Senate President Marcus when presenting the Westling award to Dennis R Hyatt (Director, Law Library)
  4. May 25 2005. James Earl (English)
  5. May 31 2006. Jeffrey Hurwit
  6. May 23 2007. Suzanne Clark.
  7. May 28 2008. James Reinmuth
  8. May 27 2009. Brad Shelton.
  9. May 26 2010. John Nicols

Wayne Westling

(Photo courtesy of N. Tublitz).

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