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Resources for Teaching and Development

Though the Collaborative Research Model does not require a great deal of specialized knowledge for facilitation, the following resources will help you to build your skills and knowledge to deliver strong learning experiences for your students.

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Understanding the Pedagogy

“What Is a Thinking Curriculum?” from North Central Regional Education Laboratory (PDF Logo PDF File).

Western Washington University’s Center for Instructional Innovation description of assessment outcomes within the framework of “student-centered” or “learner-centered” teaching.

Facilitating Collaborative Decision Making

“Consensus Decision Making” from Wikipedia.

“Inquiry-Based Collaborative Learning” by Karl A. Smith’s article
(PDF Logo PDF File).

Creating and Maintaining an Invitational Communication Climate’s “Secrets of Successful Facilitators.”

University of Oregon's Teaching Effectiveness Program page on Classroom Assessment Techniques.

Developing and Supporting Learning Teams

Tuckman’s group theory model.

A teamwork questionnaire based on Tuckman’s model.

Small Group Learning page from the National Institute for Science Education.

“Ten Great Tips for Facilitating Virtual Learning Teams” by Margaret L. West (PDF Logo PDF File).

Choosing Common Research Questions

“Creating Essential Questions,” from Galileo Educational Network Association.

Facilitating for Critical Thinking

UI Critical Thinking Handbook for instructors.

Helping Students Understand What It Means to “Do Research”

Teaching Internet Research Skills (a seminar presented by Genie Tyburski)

Research! 101 (University of Washington interactive online tutorial for students)

Using Blackboard’s Collaboration Features

Blackboard collaborative features tutorials from DePaul’s Instructional Technology Development team.

Designing and Presenting Assignments

Writing Instructional Goals and Objectives (Brett Bixler, Lead Instructional Designer, Penn State University)

Objectives Builder (online tutorial and tool for writing objectives)

Assessing Student Work

Jon Mueller’s site on Authentic Assessment.

Written and Oral Deliverables Creating the Assessment Collaborative Deliberation Developing Learning Teams Learning Through Reflection Learning Outcomes Posing the Problem Supporting Multiple Perspectives Making Informed Decisions Invitational Communication Climate