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TEP again will offer its popular slate of pre-term faculty and GTFs teacher training workshops. See full descriptions and register here.

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Join TEP in developing integrity.uoregon.edu, a Web resource for UO faculty and students. Can we add tips from you and your discipline? Or perhaps nominate a colleague or student for the "integrity in action" gallery?


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Serious Play: Reacting to the Past at the UO
I received my packet of materials for the Reacting to the Past (RTTP) “conference” at the beginning of a busy week in October. Initially I was a bit daunted by the size of my pre-conference packet–it was a good 168 pages, [...]

Four Faculty Members Take 19 Students on Williams-Funded Adventure… A Few Things They Learned
As teachers and learners, we recognize that experiences outside the classroom spark new ways of thinking and doing for students and faculty. But what does it take to make sure the learning experience and the daily living experience intersect in the best of ways? [...]

Thinking about Course Learning Objectives
As the University asks faculty to begin adding course-level learning objectives to our syllabuses, here are ideas for what these might look like, and how they can be useful to faculty and students. If you have a favorite learning objective for your course [...]

AEI Surveys Faculty on ‘International Student Academic Needs,’ Responds to FAQs
A faculty survey created by UO’s American English Institute (AEI) explored the classroom implications of UO’s growing international student population. Distributed to all faculty in January by the Office of Communications, it garnered 223 responses representing 49 departments. [...]