Date of Birth: March 12, 1935

Height: 6' 0"

Physical Condition: Excellent

Wife's Name: Margaret Ann (Margo)

Military: U.S. Navy (Rate, Yeoman 3rd Class, Discharge: November 1961)


Name of School Dates Degree Major Minor


Riverside City College 9-53 None Pre-Forestry General Science

Riverside, California 6-54

Oregon State University 9-54 None Forest Mgt. Business Admin.

Corvallis, Oregon 6-55

Oregon State University 9-57 B.S. Forest Mgt. Business Admin.

Corvallis, Oregon 12-59

Portland State College 1-60 None Business Admin. -

Portland, Oregon 3-60

University of Oregon 9-60 M.B.A. Business Admin. Regional Econ.

Eugene, Oregon 8-62 Forestry

University of Oregon 9-62 Ph.D. Business Admin. Regional Econ.

Eugene, Oregon 8-65 (Production) Forest Econ.





Place Position Dates Inclusive

_______________________ __________________________________________

University of Oregon Lecturer 9-62 to 7-65

Business Administration

University of Oregon Assistant Professor 9-65 to 7-67


University of Oregon Assistant Dean 12-65 to 9-68

College of Business Admin.

Purdue University Visiting Associate Professor 9-67 to 8-68

Industrial Management

Netherlands School of Exchange Professor (UO) 9-70 to 7-71

Business, Breukelen Associate Professor of

The Netherlan ds Management

University of Oregon Associate Professor of Mgt. 9-68 to 1982

Chairman, Dept. of Management 9-73 to 7-76

Associate Director, Forest 1976 to 1986

Industries Management Center

University of Oregon Coordinator, Resident 3-78 to 9-79

Executive Program

Ohio State University Visiting Professor 3-80 to 6-80

University of Oregon Professor of Management 1982 to present

University of Linz, Guest Professor, Department of 9-82 to 12-82

Austria Informatics and Organization

University of Oregon Director of Graduate Programs 9-83 to 9-84

College of Business Administration

University of Oregon Associate Dean, Graduate Programs 9-84 to 9-85

College of Business Administration

SANNO Institute, Japan Participant, Japan - U.S.Relations 6-85 to 8-85

University of Oregon Associate Dean for Administration 9-85 to 7-87

College of Business Administration

University of Oregon Dean, Graduate School, UO 7-87 to 8-90




NIDA-National Institute of Fulbright Scholar and 9-90 to 6-91

Development Administration JF Kennedy Visiting Professor

Bangkok, Thailand

Kasetsart University Visiting Professor of Business 3-93 to 6-9

Principle Investigator, USIA grant


____________________________________________ _______________________

The Institute of Management Science

(Vice Chairman Northwest Chapter 1970)

(Chairman Northwest Chapter 1973-74)

(National Long Range Planning Committee 1976-80)

The Academy of Management

(Chairman, P/OM Curriculum Committee, P/OM Division) (Program Chairman, National Meetings, 1979 P/OM Division)

(Chair, P/OM Division & Member Policy Committee, Academy of Mgt.


(P/OM Division Executive Committee, 1981-89)

Society of Amer ican Foresters (Education Committee)

Western Forest Economics Association

Decision Sciences Institute

American Production and Inventory Control Society (APICS)

(Board of Directors, Southern Willamette Valley Chapter, 1981-85)

Danforth Associates - Pacific N.W. Liaison Officer 1978-90;

1985 Program Chairperson

American Production and Control Society

Amercian Society of Quality Control

Goldratt Institute, (Academic Jonah)



Oregon Museum of Science and Industry (Executive Board of Directors - four years)

Oregon Art Museum Council (1982-89)


Kiwanis International (Amazon Chapte r) (President and Board of Directors, 1974-75)

Deacon and Elder, Central Presbyterian Church

Miscellaneous Community and School Committees

City of Eugene, Willowcreek Industrial Park Advisory Board

President of the Board, Oregon Employment Servic es Corporation (Nonprofit corporation for hiring and placing handicapped workers)

Rotary Club of Eugene

Chair, Rotary Foundation 1992 - 1994

Rotary Board of Direcors 1994 - Present

Friends of the UO Library Board of Directors, 1985- Present

Eugene Sister City Committee, 1988-Present

Oregon Museum Committee

Central Presbyterian Foundation Board, 1988 - 1994


____________________________________________________________ _____

Ad Hoc Committee dealing with the Use and Coordination of Data Processing Equipment at the University, Chairman, 1968

Computer Advisory Committee, 1968-1969-1970

Student/Management Information System Committee, 1971-1972 Professional Schools Personnel Committee, 1972-1973

Chairman, Foreign Studies Committee, 1974-1975; Member 1976-1979 Member, Long Range Planning Committee, College of Business Administration, 1978

University Graduate Student Union Grievance Committee, 1980-1981

Alcohol and Drug Abuse Task Force (Chair 1983) 1983-1985

University Senate, 1977-1979, 1981-1983, 1985-1986, 1986-1987, 1991-

President University Senate, 1985-1986, 1986-1987


South East Asian Studies Committee, 1991-

Center for Asian Pacific Studies Board of Directors, 1992 - Present

International Studies Program Executive Advisory Committee, 1994 - Present

International Studies Program Committee, 1994 - Present

Oregon Executive MBA, Executive Committee, 1991 - Present

OEMBA, Academic Director, 1991 - Present

Oregon State System of Higher Education Thailand Board of Directors 1992 - Present

Misc. College and University committees


__________________ _______________________________________________

Two Day Seminar: University of Oregon, Eugene, November 1966. Management Science for Managers (Conducted in total by me.)

Two Day Seminar: University of Washington, Seattle, October 1967. Network Analy sis for Forestry Scheduling (Conducted in total by me.)

Two Day Seminar: University of Washington, Seattle, March 1968. Network Analysis for Schedules (Conducted in total by me.)

Two Week Seminar: U.S. Government Managers, Forest Industries Management Center, Eugene, February 1970. Science and INDUSSIM

Four Day Seminar: Swedish Industrial Executives, Eugene, April 1970.

Three Day Seminar: Forecasting & Simulation, DeBach Ocean Shipping Institute, Holland, February 1971. (Conducted in total by me.)

One Day Seminar: Managing Time, Eugene Junior League, 1973.

One Day Seminars: Time Management, 1975-77 (16 seminars in Pacific Northwest.)

Coordinated and conducted Five Day Seminar: Senior Management Program, Champion Building Products , 1979, 1980, 1981.

Pathology Consultants, Eugene, Partner and Supervisor Organization Development, 1985.

Aster Publishing Company, Strategic Planning and Management Development, 1984-85.

NIDA, Bangkok, Thailand, Manufacturing Strategy, 1991.

< p> Kasetsart Strategic Management Program, Program Director and Coordinator, Kasetsart University Executive Program, Bangkok, Thailand, Seven-week program, 1994



U.S. Steel Corporation Weyerhaeuser Company

Pittsburgh, California Tacoma, Washington

U.S. Plywood Corporation Champion Building Products

Oregon Division Stamford, Connecticut

Eugene, Oregon

Boise Cascade Corporation Chemie Linz, Aq.

Fort Bragg Region Linz, Austria

Fort Bragg, California

Miscellanious smaller companies

Voest Alpine Steel, Aq. in publishing, manufacturing,

Linz, Austria medical and service industries


(and invited participation in scholastic programs)


Snellstrom Scholarship, 1958-59

Weyerhaeuser Fellowship, 1960-61, 1961-62

Eliot Jones Graduate Competition Winner (Western Economic Association) 1962

Beta Gamma Sigma, 1965

Danforth Associate Program, 1972, N.W. Liaison Officer, 1978

University of Michigan/IBMSummer Computer Fellowship, 1970

University of Michigan/IBM Summer Simulation Fellowship, 1974

Carnegie-Mellon University/Summer Institute in Advanced Management Studies, 1976

Harvard University Production/Operations Management Case Workshop, 1977

Harry R. Jacobs Profession al Service Award, College of Business Administration, University of Oregon, 1979

Friars, University of Oregon, Leadership Honorary, 1981 - Present

Outstanding Graduate Teacher Award, College of Business Administration, University of Oregon, 1983


Harry R. Jacobs Outstanding Teaching Award, College of Business Administration, University of Oregon, 1987

Fulbright-Hays Scholar to Thailand, 1990-1991

John F. Kennedy Visiting Professor Thailand, 1990-1991

Harold K. Strom, College Se rvice Award, 1993


Journal of Operations Management, Associate Editor (1981-83, 1988) Advisory Board and Reviewer, (Current)

Management Science, The Institute of Management Science, Reviewer (Current)

Decision Science, The Decision Sciences Institute, Reviewer (Current)

Prentice-Hall Publishing, Inc., Editorial Review Board (Current)

Reviewer for Management Science and Production/Operations

Management for the following:

Wiley Inc.; McGraw-Hill, Inc.; West Publishing Co.; Business Publications, Inc.; Macmillan, Inc.; Addison Wesley.


(Includes Published Proceedings)

______ __________________________________________________________________

Organization Topic Date

________________________________________________________________________<> American Acoustical Association PERT - A Management Tool 196 7

National Meetings

San Francisco, California

Young Presidents Organization CPM/PERT as a Means of 1968


Northwest Regional Meeting and Scheduling in Small


Society of American Foresters A Business Educati on for 1968

Regional Meeting Foresters

Forest Products Research Society INDUSSIM as a Means for 1968

East Lansing, Michigan Better Management Education


TAPPI National Meetings Management Gaming as an 1969

San Francisco, California Approach to Educating Managers,


Dutch Exporters Seminar The Challenge of 1970

Breukelen, Holland Management in the 70's

Western Forest Economics Meetings Management Education - A 1970

Portland Look at G ames

Phillips Telecommunicantse N.V. The Fluid Organization 1971


Operations Research Society of Acceptance of the Manager to 1973

America, National Meetings Operations Research Modeling

Milwaukee, Wisconsin Proceeding s

Operations Research Society of The Role of the Operations 1973

America, National Meetings Research Department in the

Milwaukee, Wisconsin Business Firm

Southwest Applied Institute of An Exploratory Use of Linear 1974

Decision Sciences Programming for Land Development

New Orleans, Louisiana Proceedings

Academy of Management Simulation: A Model for 1974

National Meetings Testing Sample Effectiveness

Seattle, Washington

The Institute of Management M.S. Education in University 1974

Science and Operations Research Programs

Society of America, Joint

National Meetings, Long Range

Planning Committee

Academy of Management, Western Academic Promotion: An 1975

Weste rn Division Exploratory Study using

San Francisco, California Regression Models

American Institute for Decision Exploratory Research Into the 1975

Sciences, Western Region Use of 0-1 Integer Programming

Las Vegas, Nevada with an Overlay Grid System

for Unique Selection of Land Use

ORSA/TIMS Computer Simulation of the 1975

National Meetings Compound Poisson in PERT

North American Simulation and The Learning Theory Jungle 1975

Gaming Association ofManagement Games (with Parsons)

National Meetings (Refereed Proceedings)


Academy of Management The Effect of a Capital 1976

National Meetings Investment on an Existing

Kansas City, Missouri Materials Management System:

A Case Study Using Simulation (Refereed Proceedings)

Academy of Management Panel. New Direction in 1977

National Meetings Production-Operations

Orlando, Florida Management Curriculum

American Institute for Decision Workshop Participant P/OM 1977

Scie nces, National Meetings

Chicago, Illinois

American Institute for Decision Errors Resulting from


Sciences, Western Meetings Simulating the Beta

Phoenix, Arizona Distribution with GPSS

Academy of Management Panel Chairperson and 1978

Western Meetings Participant Curricular

Sacramento, California Concerns in P/OM

ORSA/TIMS The Prospects for 1978

National Meetings combining the Sociological and

Los Angeles, California technical Aspe cts of Work Redesign

Academy of Management Combining Socio-Technical 1979

Western Meetings Dimensions of Work

Portland Redesign

Academy of Management Systems Theory and 1979

Western Meetings Operations Management


1979 Sawmill & Plywood Clinic Access to Capital for Equipment 1979

Portland Replacement and Expansion

Academy of Management The Transformation of Opinion, 1979

National Meetings Beliefs and Heuristic Rules

Atlanta, Georgia into a Usable Scheduling

Simulation Model (Refereed Proceedings)

Academy of Management Production/Operations 1979

National Meetings Management Program Chair

University of Hamburg Capturing the Decision Process 1979

Germany in a Scheduling Simu lation

Model -- Invited Paper

University of Manchester Heuristics of Semi-Continuous 1979

Institute of Science and Processing Incorporated in a

Technology, England Simulation Model - Invited Paper


Academy of Management The Forces of Change and the 1980

National Meetings Opportunities for POM in the

Detroit, Michigan Eighties (with Dilts) (Refereed


American Institute of A GPSS Simulation Model for 1980

Decision Sciences Scheduling Continuous Process

National Meetings Operations (with Dilts and Chou)

Las Vegas, Nevada

Oregon-California Weight The Analysis Behind 1980

Sample Conference Weyerhaeuser vs. Doyle

Redding, California

1981 Sawm ill & Plywood Weight Sample Scaling: 1981

Clinic Potential & Pitfalls,

Portland Proceedings

Forest Products Research Society The Impact of State and Local 1981

Portland Regulations on the Wood

Products Industry

Japan -United State Business The Easy Answer Isn't Here 1981

Conference, University of (Problems associated with

Nebraska soft technology transfer in

Lincoln, Nebraska Production/Operations


Academy of Management The Easy Answer Isn't Here -- 1982

National Meetings Can America Use Japanese

New York, New York Management Techniques?

(Refereed Proceedings)

International Management A View of Contrasts: The 1983

Division, Academy of American, Austrian, and

Management Japanese Industrial Systems

(with Manfred Pils, University of Linz)

Academy of Management Decision Support System 1983

Western Division Development for Production

Santa Barbara, California Scheduling

The Institute of Management Decision Support System 1984

Sciences, 26th International Development for


Meeting, Copenhagen, Denmark Production Scheduling: A

Case Study

Academy of Management Enclaves in Production System s: 1985

National Meeting An Alternative for Employment

San Diego, California of the Severely Handicapped


American Institute of Manufacturing Enclaves: A Way 1985

Decision Sciences of Productively Employing the

Las Vegas , Nevada Developmentally Handicapped


Academy of Management Joint Lot Sizing and Scheduling 1986

National Meeting of Multiple Items with Sequence

Chicago, Illinois Dependent Setup Costs

The Association for Persons with An Economic Evaluation of 1986

Severe Handicaps, San Francisco Supported Employment with One

Manufacturing Co.

Academy of Management An Evaluation of the Just-In-Time 1987

National Meetings Techniques in a Multi-Stage,

New Orlea ns Production System (with C.


(Refereed Proceedings)

Pan-Pacific Conference IV Robotics: The Technical-Labor 1987

Taipei, Taiwan Implications

The Republic of China

Fuzhou University Invited Professor Teaching the "Case Method" in the 1991

Series, Fuzhou U. Business Curriculum

Fujran Province, Peoples Republic

of China

Thammasat University Visiting Business in the Year 2000 1991

Lectureship, Bangkok, Thailand

Decision Sciences Institute Quality, Strategy, and Tactics: 1993

National Meetings Their Roles and Relationships in

Washington D. C. World Class Companies (with

Tim Bergquist)

C onference on Entrepreneurship The Environment for Entrepreneurs 1993

and Economic Transformation in (with Tim Bergquist and Gerald Fry)

Thailand and SE Asia, Chulalongkorn

University, Bangkok, Thailand

Northwest Consortium for Southeast An Eight-Factor Interdisciplinary 1994

Asian Studies, Seattle, Washington Model for Assessing Investment

Environments (with Gerald Fry and

Sunun Setboornsarng)




Masters: Application of Linear Programming in a Plywood Firm to Determine Optimum Product Mix, University of Oregon, 1962.

Doctors: A linear Programming Model for the Optimal Allocation of Logs for Manufacture of Plywood, University of Oregon, 1965.


Mathematical Programming System (MPS) for the IBM 360/50. College of

Business Administ ration and University of Oregon Computer Center, University of Oregon, January 1972.

INDUSSIM - Forest Industries Management Simulator. Forest Industries Management Center, University of Oregon, 1970, 1978, Revised 1981.

Linear Programming; Concepts and Analysis. University of Oregon, 1975.

"Administrative Allocation Model for Funding Mental Retardation

Services" Transition From School to Work and Adult Life, Eds. Gould, M.S., and G. Thomas Bellamy, University of Oregon, U.S. Department of Education, Grant #G008430061 (with Chiradet Ousawat), 1985.

Evaluating Services and Decision Alternatives in Supported Employment: Introducing Decision Theory, University of Oregon, National Institute on Disabilities and Relabilitation Research, contract number G008720120 (with Yan, Xiaoyan, Rhodes, Larry, and Sandow, Dennis).


"Forest Taxation," Western Economic Journal, Vol. 1, No. 1, Fall 1962.

Roll Shop Servi ces and Simulation Study Part I, U.S. Steel Corp., Pittsburg Works, Pittsburg, California, Co-author, Roger M. Emanuel, 1964.

"How the Critical Path Method Can Assist Road Construction--Part I," Forest Industries, 93-13, December, 1966.

"How the Critical Path Method Can Assist Road Construction--Part II, "Forest Industries, 94-1, January, 1967.

Linear Programming: Management Science in the Wood Products

Industry," Northwest Business Management, 5-1, Fall, 1967.

"PERT-- A Management Tool," Sound Ideas, 1104, July-August, 1967.

"Linear Programming for the Plywood Mix Problem," Forest Products Journal, 18-4, April 1968.


"The Use of the Compound Poisson in PERT," Management Science, 15-8, " April, 1969 (with W. Parks).

"Dynamic Forest Products Management Simulator," T.A.P.P.I. Proceedings, TAPPI Conference, San Francisco, 1969.

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"What do Library Users Want? Conjoint Measurement May Yield the Answer," Information Processing and Management. Accepted, with John Wish.

"Errors Resulting from the Use of the Beta Distribution in GPSS," Association of Computing Machinery, submitted.

"Access to Capital for Equipment Replacement and Expansion," Business Management for Sawmill Operators. Miller, Freeman, Publ., 1980.

"The Weighty Issue of Sample Scaling," The Log, February, 1980, pp. 1517.

"Cubic Volume: The Log Rule for the Future," The Log, March, 1980, pp. 710.

"Computer Simulation: A Method of Evaluating Log Scaling Procedures," Forest Products Journ al ,_February, 1981.

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"Log Purchases -- By Weight or Cubic Feet," The Log, September, 1982, pp. 30-32.


Old Oregon. September, 1982. Interview by Stephen Power on "American vs. Japanese Management Practices."

"Beyond Japan: Lessons for Business," Old Oregon, September, 1985, University of Oregon.

"Economic Evaluation of Employment Services: A Review of

Applications," with Larry Rhodes and Mark Hill) Journal of the Association for Persons with Severe Disabilities (JASH) Winter Quarter, 1987.

"Joint Lot Size and Scheduling of Multiple Items with Sequence

Dependent Setup Costs" submitted to Decision Sciences, with David Dilts Decision Sciences. Vol. 20, No. 1, Winter 19 89.

"Assuring Quality in Supported Employment," Journal of Rehabilitation Administration; Feb. 1990, Vol. 1, No. 1 20-25 (with Rhodes, L; Mank, D; Lynch, W.)

"An Evaluation of the Just-In-Time Technique in a Multi-Stage, MultiProduct System" Submitted to Decision Sciences (with Chiradet Ousawat) 1991.

"A paradigm Shift: Quality Responsibilities for Vacational Rehabilitation Professions," Ramsing, Rhodes, Sandow and Mank, Journal of Vocational Rehabilitation, publication scheduled summer, 1993.

"Investment Environmnent in Thailand: A multidimensional Discipline Analysis:, Co-authors G. Fry and S. Setboornsarng, American Asian Journal, Vol. 11, #1, Spring, 1993, pp. 201-241.
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