199 Special Studies: [Topic] (1-5R)

DSC 230 Introduction to Business Statistics (3) Statistics as a tool for making business decisions. Probability, sampling distributions, estimation theory, confidence intervals, and hypothesis testing. Prereq: MATH 242.

DSC 330 Business Statistics (3) Review and applications of hypothesis testing . Regression analysis, experimental design, time series, and nonparametrics. Prereq: MATH 243 or equivalent, junior standing.

DCS 335 Concepts of Production and Operations Management (3) Planning and control of operations with respect to products, processes, equipment, and jobs. Planning, forecasting, scheduling, maintenance, and inventory activities. Prereq: DSC 330 or equivalent, junior standing.

401 Research: [Topic] (1-21R)

403 Thesis (1-6R)

405 Reading and Conference: [Topic] (1-3R)

406 Special Problems: [Topic] (1-21R)

407 Seminar: [Topic] (1-3R)

409 Practicum: [Topic] (1-6R) P/N only

410/510 Experimental Course: [Topic] (1-4R)

DSC 420 Applied Sampling (3) Application of sampling techniques to business problems. Simple random, stratified cluster, systematic sampling: ratio and regression estimators. Prereq: MATH 242, DSC 330.

DSC 425/525 Applied Decision Analysis (3) Systematic study of decision-making under uncertainty. Decision trees, as sessment of subjective probabilities, use of theoretical probability models, single- and multiattribute utility theory. Applications. Prereq: MATH 242, DSC 330 or equivalents.

DSC 430/530 Applied Analysis of Variance (3) Design of experiments in busin ess administration: models and methods for analysis of variation in measurement data including single and multifactor treatments in completely randomized and blocked designs. Prereq: MATH 242, DSC 330 or equivalents.

DSC 435/535 Applied Regression Analysis (3)

Theory of least-squares regression. Regression procedures in the elucidation of underlying relationships governing business and economic behavior. Techniques of statistical model building. Prereq: MATH 242, DSC 330 or equivalents.

DSC 440/540 Applied Time Series Analysis for Forecasting (3) Elements of spectral analysis. Autoregressive, moving average, and seasonal models. Principles of iterative model building: identification, fitting, and diagnostic checking of models. Prereq: MATH 242, DSC 330 or equivalents.

DSC 445/545 Introduction to Management Science (3) Linear and dynamic programming. Simplex method, duality theory, sensitivity

analysis, principle of optimality, deterministic and stochastic dynamic programming models. Prereq: MATH 242, DSC 335.

DSC 450/550 Advanced Management Science (3) Nonlinear programming and stochastic models. Unconstrained optimization, Kuhn-Tucker theorem, Lagrangian multipliers, Markov chains, and Poisson processes. Prereq: MATH 242, DSC 445 /545.

DSC 455/555 Production Systems Analysis (3) Application of management-science techniques to production systems. Aggregate products planning, project planning, job scheduling, and inventory control. Extensive use of case materials. Prereq: DSC 33 5 or 613.

DSC 460/560 Simulation of Industrial Systems(3) Model construction, validation, and tests: design and analysis of simulation experiments; case applications in business and economics. Prereq: MATH 242, DSC 335.

DSC 470/570 Synthesis and Design of Industrial Systems (3) Application of systems analysis and operations management to planning and design of industrial systems. Students work in teams under faculty supervision. Prereq: DSC 455/555.

503 Thesis (1-16R) P/N only

601 Research: [Topic] (1-16R) P/N only

603 Dissertation (1-16R) P/N only

605 Reading and Conference: [Topic](1-3R)

607 Seminar: [Topic] (1-3R)

608 Special Topics: [Topic] (1-12R)

610 Experimental Course: [Topic] (1-5R)

DSC 611 Introduction to Business Statistics (3) Accelerated study of business statistics; probability, estimation, hypothesis testing, simple and multiple regression analysis; nonparametrics. Prereq: calculus. Graduate students only.

DSC 612 Analytical Techniques in Management (3) Linear programming; problem formulation and interpretation. Business applications of forecasting methods (regression and time series). Computer management of data structures; integrated approach for decision making. Prereq: calculus.

DSC 613 Production Management (3) Use of model-based systems for managers to plan, control, and improve efficiency of production systems. Topics include facility-capacity planning, inventory systems, and scheduling.

620 Applied Sampling Techniques (3) Application of probability sampling techniques to business problems. Simple random stratified, cluster, systematic, multistage, and double sampling; nonresponse problems, ratio and regression estimators. Prereq: DSC 611 or


DSC 626 Decision Analysis for Negotiation Problems (3) Decision analysis basics. Use of decision trees, probabilities methods for making decisions under uncertainty. Analysis of negotiation problems. Distributive and integrative bargaining. Ethical iss ues. Prereq: MATH 242, DSC 611 or equivalent.

DSC 633 Applied Nonparametric Statistics (3) Statistical analysis when data do not conform to parametric assumptions. Tests using nominal or ordinal data; one, two, or more samples; goodness-of-fit tests. Prereq: D SC 611 or equivalent.

DSC 643 Applied Multivariate Analysis (3)

Statistical reasoning that underlies the techniques of multivariate analysis. Multivariate analysis of variance, discriminant analysis, principal components, factor analysis, and canoni cal correlation. Prereq: MATH 242, DSC 435/535.