Refereed Articles Written by Members of the Department in 1990
CLEMEN, ROBERT (with Murphy, A. H.) "The Expected Value of Frequency Calibration," Organizational Behavior and Human Dec ision Processes.

CLEMEN, ROBERT (with Winkler) "Unanimity and Compromise among Probability Forecasters," Management Science.

FRAZIER, GREGORY (with Gaither, Norman and Wei, Jerry) "From Job Shops to Manufacturing Cel ls," Production and Inventory Management Journal.

KOREISHA, SERGIO (with Pukkila, T. and Kallinen, A.) "The Identification of ARMA Models" Biometrika.

KOREISHA, SERGIO (with Pukkila, T.) "Linear Methods for Estimating Autoregressive Moving Average and Regression Models with Serial Correlation," Communications in Statistics - Simulation and Computation.

KOREISHA, SERGIO (with Pukkila, T.) "A Generalized Least Squares Approach for Estimation of A utoregressive Moving Average Models," Journal of Time Series Analysis.

RAMSING, KEN (with Rhodes, L., Mank, D., and Lynch, W. ) "Assuring Quality in Supported Employment," Journal of Rehabilitation Administration.

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