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 The Religious Studies Department at the University of Oregon, located in the College of Arts and Sciences, focuses on the academic study of religious traditions from around the world in classes taught by experts in the field of religious studies. The department also includes Arabic language instruction as part of its curriculum.


About the Department

The Religious Studies Department offers courses about the teachings and practices of the world's major religions from an academic perspective. Courses focus on the history and philosophy of religions including their origins, sacred texts, rituals and practices, beliefs, and subgroups. The courses provide a broad understanding of the nature and role of religion in the world's many cultures, present and past, for students in all fields, as well as integrated programs for majors in religious studies.

The department annually sponsors two programs, the Ira E. Gaston Lecture in Christianity and the Distinguished Visiting Lecturer in Asian Religion, which bring eminent scholars to campus for lectures and seminars.

Undergraduate Studies. Students have the opportunity to pursue an undergraduate degree in Religious Studies at the University of Oregon. The department offers both a major and minor in this field. We currently offer courses from a variety of topics and religions. For more information please select the "undergraduate" menu link above.

Religious Studies also offers instruction in Arabic Studies in which a student can receive a minor. Please visit the Arabic Studies website for more information:

Graduate Studies. The Religious Studies Department does not offer a graduate degree. Students may work with faculty members from religious studies as well as other university departments toward an Interdisciplinary Studies: Individualized Program (IS:IP) master's degree (M.A. or M.S.). Contact the Graduate School for more information about IS:IP.

Preparation. The best high school or community college preparation for an undergraduate program in religious studies is a good general background in social science and humanities.

Careers. An undergraduate major in religious studies can lead to graduate work in preparation for teaching religious studies or to religious education at a seminary in preparation for a career as a religious leader. Recent graduates have gone on to graduate study in China, to law school, to teaching, and to work in social service organizations, among others. A major in religious studies provides broad training and enrichment for any of the humanitarian professions.

Visiting the UO. The Religious Studies Department is located in Susan Campbell Hall on the third floor. Please visit the following links to view our location on campus and to learn about campus tours.

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