For Fun

The master in the art of living
makes little distinction between
his work and his play...
He hardly knows which is which.
He simply pursues his vision of excellence
in whatever he does,
leaving others to decide
whether he is working or playing.
To him he is always doing both.

Author Unknown

Working for a better world is a hard job as you are always on the job. So take time to play, replenish yourself and bring fun into your work. Be creative, enjoy people around you and don't forget to sing and dance along the way. This section is dedicated to the kid in all of us. The one who jumps into leaf piles and sings on top of their lungs in the shower...and to the recycler who finds the treasure in the trash pile!

"Do not burn yourselves out. Be as I am-a reluctant enthusiast, a part-time crusader, a half-hearted fanatic. Save the other half of yourselves for pleasure and adventure. It is not enough to fight for the is even more important to enjoy it. While you can. While it's still here. So, get out there and mess around with your friends, ramble out yonder and explore the forests, climb the mountains, bag the peaks, run the rivers, breathe deep that yet sweet and lucid air, sit quietly for a while and contemplate the precious stillness, the lovely mysterious awesome space. Enjoy your work and play hard...."
Edward Abbey

Big Daddy "Simon" VROOM VROOM!!

Dumptown Game -
Welcome! You are Dumptown's new City Manager! When you start to play, you'll see Dumptown at its worst — it's littered, polluted, and nothing is being recycled or reused. There are many trash cans and dumpsters, but no recycling bins. That means all of the trash is going right into the landfill just outside town, where it isn't doing anyone any good.

E-Cards for fun -
A free email card service that's geared towards environmental stuff.

Enuf’s eco-tunes are clever and deliver the message…PLUS their fun-filled percussion romp through the unbelievable land of "Wastruments" is a show stopper. Imagine a whole trunk full of musical instruments made from the weird, the wonderful and the formerly disposable! This band has everything including the kitchen sink!

Erowid Character Vaults - is an online library of information about psychoactive plants and chemicals and related topics. The information on the site is a compilation of the experiences, words, and efforts of hundreds of individuals including users, parents, health professionals, doctors, therapists, chemists, researchers, teachers, and lawyers. Erowid acts as a publisher of new information as well as a library for the collection of documents published elsewhere. The information found on the site spans the spectrum from solid peer reviewed research to fanciful creative writing.

Green Weddings -

Recycled Art Projects For Kids -
One way to save money with art projects is to have the children bring in items from around the house that they do not use anymore. Anything can be made into art from shoestrings to empty paper towel rolls. Make sure the children understand how the art they have created reduces the amount of waste that is being thrown away.

Recycleman -
He fights apathy, ignorance and trash, and he does it all wearing a rubber kilt. He's Recycleman. Well, actually, he's Pete DuBois, a mild-mannered Clark County public works employee.

Fun Greetings
Blue Mountain Greeting Cards -

Egreetings Network -

Funny Greetings -

Other Fun Stuff
Free Java Game -

Free Online Arcade games -

Merry Pranksters site:

Mad Magazine:

U.S. and World Population Clocks:

Universal Currency Converter

Art and Ecology
Carol Tanzi creates beautiful and practical home accessories from recycled materials that can be used as personalized wedding gifts, anniversary mementos or fun birthday presents and advises consumers how to integrate "recyclized" and "designized" projects into their home décor.

The Imagination Factory -
We teach children and their caregivers creative ways to recycle by making art. Recycling is one way to minimize or lessen the amount of trash we have to throw away. When we recycle, we make a new product out of waste materials. This process helps save natural resources like trees as well as landfill space and the money needed to get rid of trash.

KinderArt -

Microsoft clip gallery -
A good graphic adds a finished look to your document, presentation, or Web site and makes it memorable in the reader’s mind.

Orlo: Italian for "On the Brink" or "Edge" -
Orlo is a nonprofit organization using the creative arts to explore environmental themes. Orlo "productions" fall into four main categories: art exhibitions, live performance work, publications, and public awareness campaigns.

Sitka Center for Art and Ecology -
Dedicated to expanding the relationships between art, nature and humanity through workshops, presentations and individual research projects, and to maintaining a facility appropriate to its needs that is in harmony with the inspirational coastal environment of Cascade Head.

Horoscopes, Biorhythms, and Astrology
Biorhythms -

Daily Horoscopes and more -

Media Commentary
Grist Magazine -
A smart, witty environmental news magazine. Daily international news, investigative reporting, columnists, books, cartoons. Concrete actions to fix environmental problems. Gloom and doom with a sense of humor.

The Onion -

Links listed below were from - ABF U-Pack Moving, Inc.

Recycled Art Projects
Ideas for involving students in art projects by using discarded items for recycled art projects, such as musical instruments made from salvaged materials.
Cardboard Recycling Crafts
Web page featuring tons of fun craft projects using old cardboard boxes, including organizers, decorations, and kids crafts.
Bulletin Board
Instructions on how to make a bulletin board using cardboard, newspaper, paper, an old t-shirt and some decorative accessories.
Egg Carton Crafts
Here you will find a page of fun crafts using cardboard egg cartons, including egg carton flowers, jewelry boxes, and animals.
Crafts from Recycled Products
Step by step guides to making your own crafts using recycled products from landfills and collected recyclable products.
Nesting Supply Box for Birds
Instructions on how to build a nesting box for birds and fill it with yarn, string, and other materials for birds to nest in.
Box Barn Craft
Learn how to make a cute toy barn with doors that open and close by using a cardboard box, paint, and scissors.
Egg Carton Cat Craft
This web page shows how to make a cat easily from an egg carton, marker, scissors, glue, and decorative craft items.
Cardboard Medieval Castle
Step by step guide to making a medieval castle using a cardboard box with a template provided.


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