University of Oregon Confidential Materials Policy

September 10, 2002


To: UO Deans, Department Heads, Office Managers
From: Deborah Carver, University Librarian
Subject: Confidential Records Recycling

The University of Oregon is required by law to keep certain student and employee records confidential, including the destruction of these records at the end of their retention period. In compliance, the University contracts for confidential recycling of records and has renewed its contract with Weyerhaeuser for this fiscal year, beginning July 1, 2002.

Following this memo is the notice on Confidential Recycling: What You Need to Know, which gives the particulars of our contractual arrangements with Weyerhaeuser. Please read this explanation carefully and share the information with all members of your department who handle the disposal of confidential records.

A few points bear special attention. The UO Zero Waste Program does not do confidential recycling; you will need to arrange with Weyerhaeuser for pickup and recycling of confidential materials. If you shred confidential records destined for recycling, your department must pay for Weyerhaeuser s pickup service. Our existing contract covers payment for pickup of nonshredded materials only. Nonshredded materials must be secured within your department; measures to insure confidentiality are also in place with Weyerhaeuser.

It is our legal responsibility to protect the privacy of all University of Oregon students and employees, and confidential recycling is one important aspect of that obligation. Thank you for your cooperation in following the procedures we have put in place toward making the process as efficient as possible.

Confidential Recycling: What You Need to Know
1. It s the Law. The University is required to protect the privacy of all students and employees. Under Oregon State Law the University must safely destroy confidential materials (OAR #116-030-006).

2. You and your Department must comply. The University has contracted with Weyerhaeuser for pick-up, shredding, and pulping of all confidential materials. It is very important that every department and employee of the University is in compliance with the law, or you could be held personally liable.

3. If you do it yourself, you pay for it yourself. Pre-shredding of confidential materials is permissible under state law. However, should you choose this option, please be advised that your Department must pay the cost of pickup. The secured unshredded materials program is the University s preferred and cost-effective solution.

4. The Archives is responsible for all official university records. The University Archivist can answer questions about confidential records and related Oregon laws. Archives is part of the Library, which administers the University s Confidential Recycling contract. Note that the Library cannot store, move, or otherwise handle these materials, but can answer questions about the contract. Please see the University Archives web site for more information.

Who to Call:
General questions on Confidential Recycling: Judi Byrum, Library, 346-3089

To request routine pickup: Weyerhaeuser, 744-4111 (automated line) or 744-4109 (Adrianne)

To schedule a first-time pickup or discuss pickup arrangements: Wayne Jackson, Weyerhaeuser, 744-4102

Questions on Confidential Records and the OAR: Heather Briston, University Archivist, 346-1899

What the contract covers:
Pick up, shredding, and pulping of confidential materials as required by Oregon State Law. Materials are maintained in secure conditions until they are pulped. Unlike shredded materials, pulped documents cannot be reassembled.

What the contract does not cover: (and thus your Department must pay for itself)
Confidential Recycling toter: $35 one-time set up fee

Pickup of pre-shredded confidential material

$20 per pickup, taking less than 15 minutes

$75 per hour, prorated, per pickup taking more than 15 minutes

Departmental responsibilities prior to the pick up of Confidential Recycling:
Designate a member of the department to be the official liaison and contact person for confidential recycling.

Keep materials in a locked toter, or place the unlocked toter or boxes in a locked room or closet. If there is no elevator, the locked area must be located on the first floor of a building, as Weyerhaeuser employees are not obligated to go up stairs.

Provide access for Weyerhaeuser to the locked storage area so that the materials can be picked up. Pickups will occur within 48 hours of the request, unless otherwise arranged between the Department and Weyerhaeuser.

Arrange for pickup only when accumulation of Confidential Recycling materials reaches a full toter, a full bag-it, or a minimum of five (5) full boxes of material. (A box is equivalent to those that hold copier paper.) Under the contract Weyerhaeuser is not obligated to pick up any less that these amounts.

If your Department produces a high volume of material, you can arrange for regular pickup with Wayne Jackson of Weyerhaeuser Recycling, 744-4102. He can also offer suggestions with regard to storage bins or toters.

If your Department produces very little confidential materials, work with other departments in your building to coordinate collection and/or pick up of materials.

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